Everrati delivered his first car to Europe

Everrati ha consegnato la sua prima auto in Europa

Everrati Automotive Limited delivered its first mainland Europe car in the shape of a Land Rover Series IIA for a customer in Amsterdam.

Following the company’s completion of its first customer car in the US at the end of 2022, the first Dutch delivery signifies yet another milestone in Everrati’s growth, as demand for its advanced, zero-emission redefined icons surges globally, all of which exemplify sustainable luxury.

Its latest commission is an electrified Land Rover Series IIA, which integrates a state-of-the-art

Everrati ha consegnato la sua prima auto in EuropaOEM-grade electric powertrain designed and developed at its global headquarters in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England. The result is a fully futureproofed vehicle fit for the 21st century where it can drive in near silence and emission-free around the streets of Amsterdam or peacefully out in the open country sustainably.

The first customer in the Netherlands to receive Everrati’s Land Rover is Shane Happach, a fintech CEO, who is a passionate advocate and early adopter of sustainable luxury transportation. Not only will Shane’s Everrati enable him to travel on roads with environmental responsibility but he is also the owner of an electric boat from Dutch luxury yacht maker Waterdream. Waterdream was founded by Prince Bernhard van Oranje in 2012 with the purpose of taking aquatic life to the next level.

Both vehicles, which recently navigated the waterways of Amsterdam alongside each other, represent the future of luxury sustainable transport and demonstrate the exciting and uncompromising shift to electrification across land and water.

As car custodians, Everrati stays true to the timeless quality of the vehicle yet provides an OEM-grade powertrain upgrade that exceeds the performance specifications of the original enabling unparalleled enjoyment and fun for multi-generational owners’ recreation and preservation.

Everrati ha consegnato la sua prima auto in EuropaThe advanced bespoke EV powertrain technology featured in the Series IIA has been specifically engineered and tested for life in Continental Europe with the vehicle put through the highest level of electric safety certification for use on Dutch roads. The Land Rover Series passed the tests with flying colours, accredited with UN-ECE R100.01 certification from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority – RDW.

For the commission of Shane’s car, Everrati’s expert team of specialists have worked together to meticulously restore the Series IIA body and chassis, which has been sourced for both its originality and exemplary condition, pairing the fully rebuilt vehicle with the cutting-edge electric powertrain.

With a 60kWh battery and 150bhp and 300Nm from its electric motors, it offers both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes and a range of up to 150 miles, almost identical to its combustion-engined past, combined with regenerative braking, AC and DC fast charging capability.

Combined with the very latest in sustainable luxury materials, including the world’s lowest carbon leather for the automotive industry from leading leather manufacturer, Bridge of Weir, the latest commission is a completely bespoke creation featuring Bridge of Weir’s Fawn SX011 Black carpet colour with Fawn SX011 edging, and a unique, bespoke rear-seat configuration.

Source: Everrati

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