Helixx for low cost electric vehicle subscription program

Helixx per il programma di abbonamento a basso costo per veicoli elettrici

Helixx, a global technology company focused on revolutionising electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, is today opening driver registrations for its groundbreaking Helixx vehicle subscription program.

The driver registration initiative marks a significant step in Helixx’s journey to enable sustainable and cost-effective mobility, tailored to meet the demands of last-mile drivers and business in Southeast Asian megacities.

Helixx is at the forefront of transforming EV manufacturing with its innovative ‘Factory in a Box’ technology. This asset light approach enables last-mile businesses anywhere in the world to manufacture fleets of Helixx vehicles through a technology licence.

Fleet operators and third party logistics drivers can now begin their journey with Helixx by pre-registering for the ‘sign up and go’ Helixx vehicle subscription service via the Helixx homepage.

Helixx per il programma di abbonamento a basso costo per veicoli elettrici
Steve Pegg CEO [Credit_ HAVisuals]
Steve Pegg, Co-founder and CEO of Helixx said:

Helixx has been designed from the ground up to offer last mile operators and independent drivers around the globe the opportunity to embrace electric mobility, without compromising on cost-effectiveness. The Helixx subscription service allows drivers to access electric vehicles seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted momentum on the road while contributing to cleaner, greener cities for everyone.

Helixx ‘sign up and go’ vehicle subscription service is designed to maximise the potential of fleet electrification for drivers, users and businesses. With a focus on last-mile mobility services, the Helixx subscription provides drivers with cost-effective access to electric vehicles, starting from just $0.25 per hour, with no upfront purchase required. The more the user drives, the more cost effective the package becomes.

Helixx per il programma di abbonamento a basso costo per veicoli elettriciFollowing the registration process, Helixx will offer customer test drive opportunities and will introduce a subscription level cost calculator to help drivers make informed decisions about how the Helixx subscription compares to their current earnings.

Helixx vehicles are designed to meet the specific needs of logistics fleets, including e-commerce and ride-hailing drivers in the world’s most densely populated cities. Early adopters will receive a lifetime subscription discount of up to 40% and a 10% driver referral programme is also on offer.

The range of Helixx vehicles are powered by convenient ‘range on demand’ battery swap technology to rapidly unlock the reduced carbon emissions and cleaner air in urban environments enabled by electric vehicles. Helixx also offers drivers zero-maintenance subscription packages. If the vehicle is damaged or in need of repair, an instant like-for-like swap will ensure uninterrupted momentum on the road.

Helixx per il programma di abbonamento a basso costo per veicoli elettriciHelixx vehicles are designed to allow for various configurations, catering to different transportation needs, from delivery vans to ride-hailing people carriers. This versatility, combined with streamlined manufacturing processes, makes Helixx vehicles easy to assemble, maintain, and repair, reducing downtime for operators whilst maximising earning potential.

The ground-breaking Helixx modular architecture and computational manufacturing system uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline EV production and business processes, reducing reliance on expensive vehicle imports. Collaborating with industry leaders Siemens, Helixx aims to establish a pilot facility in Singapore in the following 24 months which will eventually transform to serve as the Helixx global HQ and Mission Control.

Source: Helixx

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