Unveiled the mountain rescue edition of Munro MK_1

Presentata l'edizione per il soccorso alpino di Munro MK_1

The manufacturer of all-electric 4x4s, and Scotland’s only volume production car company Munro Vehicles, has revealed a Mountain Rescue special edition of its MK_1 electric truck.

Il produttore di 4×4 elettrici, nonché unica azienda scozzese di produzione di grandi volumi di auto, Munro Vehicles, ha rivelato un’edizione speciale per il soccorso alpino del suo truck elettrico MK_1.

The ultra-capable 4X4 is the first MK_1 special edition tailored to the requirements of Mountain Rescue and Fire Services who need a rugged, all-terrain vehicle capable of reaching casualties and wildfires in remote and challenging terrain. 

Presentata l'edizione per il soccorso alpino di Munro MK_1The release of the vehicle follows extensive consultation and discussions with Scottish, English and Welsh mountain rescue teams and discovery sessions with several reginal Fire Services. The key attributes include roof-mounted blue lights and the space to carry a stretcher safely within the protection of the vehicles, along with three passengers and all their kit. 

The Mountain Rescue Edition follows swiftly in the wheel tracks of the Munro MK_1 Pick-Up launched in May. The Mountain Rescue Edition underlines the adaptability the MK_1 offers both commercial and private customers and signifies Munro’s strategic mission to fulfil significant global market demand for zero-emission off-road vehicles. Both the Munro MK_1 Truck and the MK_1 Pick-Up’s unique abilities enable customers operating in challenging sectors such as mining, construction, utilities, agriculture, and defence to meet imminent decarbonisation targets without compromising on performance.

Source: Munro Vehicles

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