Israelian Egged ordered 100 new 12 metre eBuses to BYD

L’israeliana Egged ha ordinato 100 nuovi eBus da 12 metri a BYD
BYD 12-metre pure electric buses in Israel, operated by Egged

BYD received an order to supply 100 new generation 12-metre eBuses to Egged, Israel’s primary public transport company to operate in the city of Haifa.

The order comes as part of Egged’s initiative to expand its fleet of zero-emissions buses with the support of Israel’s Public Transport Authority and the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

It is also the largest order for BYD eBuses in Israel to date. Egged has been a customer of BYD since 2017, and already has 24 BYD eBuses in its fleet currently operating in Haifa and Jerusalem. It is through Egged’s experience of operating BYD eBuses and the fleet’s proven reputation for performance, quality and reliability, that cemented the successful outcome of the tender for BYD.

L’israeliana Egged ha ordinato 100 nuovi eBus da 12 metri a BYD
The fleet now in service in Haifa, Israel

The new eBuses, due for delivery before the end of 2022, will enhance those currently operating in the city of Haifa, and further strengthens Israel’s transition to emissions-free transportation for a cleaner and quieter environment.

Across Israel, there are currently 37 BYD electric buses in operation in the cities of Haifa, Jersualem, Tel Aviv, Modin and the Sharon area which combined, have covered 5 million electric kilometres, reducing over 5000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The pure-electric eBuses on order for Israel are powered by the latest generation BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology with increased energy density for an even longer driving range, as well as an extended battery life. The 422 KWh battery delivers an impressive driving range of over 400km on a single charge under SORT conditions. Modern in styling, the eBus has been designed for high levels of passenger comfort, while also having a spacious and comfortable area for the driver too.

Source: BYD

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