Lightyear confirms its strategy towards scale-up production


Lightyear confirmed their strategy, focusing on technology development to plan more affordable scale-up production model of its solar powered car.

Focus on technology development

Lightyear remains committed to its mission to make clean mobility accessible for everyone, everywhere. The company will move up the placement of a more affordable model on the market. To achieve this, Lightyear will focus on core technology development while outsourcing production; through the establishment of key partnerships.

By scaling up its core technology Lightyear expects to be ready to start high volume production of more than 100.000 cars per year around 2023. The projected sales price can be as sharp as 50.000 euro on these future models. This ambitious goal is in line with Lightyear’s mission: it is a company founded to generate a positive impact through technology innovation.

We are convinced that this is the path to accelerate our scale, live up to our full impact and take our responsibility: Clean mobility for everyone, everywhere – said Lex Hoefsloot, CEO Lightyear.

Milestone in 2021: Exclusive series of 946 cars

Lightyear will integrate its core technologies into Lightyear One, the world’s first long-range solar car. Lightyear remains committed to start production in 2021, with an exclusive series of 946 vehicles, a fraction of a lightyear, which will serve as a platform to showcase the maturity of Lightyear’s innovative technology on a commercial scale.

Developing a Lightyear One platform demonstrator

In 2020, Lightyear’s focus will be directed at the development of its core technologies that make Lightyear One an ultra-efficient solar car and ensuring that they have reached the right maturity to ensure Lightyear’s competitive edge.

Such a leap in efficiency is only possible by going back to a blank piece of paper and working on some core technology. We are creating a revolutionary product and will validate our concept in 2020 by showcasing our mature core technologies at work in a Lightyear One platform demonstrator – declared Arjo van der Ham, CTO Lightyear.

Lightyear is currently in the midst of an investment round to prepare for the exclusive series production. The Lightyear platform and the exclusive series will then serve as the foundation to attract the investment needed for its 2023 scale-up.

Photo: Lightyear One prototype manufacturing

Source: Lightyear

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  1. il progetto Lightyear e’ molto interessante. Peccato che la sua prima ayto in vendita costera’ piu’ di 150.000 Euro. In realta’ sarebbe possibile realizzare un ottima auto solare con prestazioni anche superiori a quella della lightyear ad un prezzo dieci volte inferiore, creando un veicolo estremamente leggero ed efficiente con batterie scambiabili con l’accumulo di energia rinnovabile domestico. Peccato che non si riesca in Italia a trovare un imprenditore in grado di sostenere tale progetto. Le tecnologie ed esperienze ci sono tutte e mi permetto di dire, molto piu’ avanzate di quelle di Lightyear.

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