The new Microlino Lite will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show

La nuova Microlino Lite sarà presentata al Salone di Ginevra

Microlino will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the Microlino Lite, the new L6e version of the popular Microlino, driveable without a driving license.

The Microlino Lite offers the same range as its «big brother», but the top speed is limited to 45 km/h.

The Microlino Lite is our contribution to making sustainable mobility solutions accessible to an even wider community. We recognize the growing need for such mobility, especially among those who want to be safe and protected from the weather without a driver’s license – explains Merlin Ouboter, Microlino Co-Founder.

A fresh, young look with new design elements

La nuova Microlino Lite sarà presentata al Salone di GinevraThe Microlino Lite differs from the standard Microlino model with unique design features. A fresh color scheme emphasizes the contemporary concept of the vehicle, while details in a vibrant orange give the design an energetic touch.

Accessibility and innovation

In early summer 2024, Micro will start selling the Microlino Lite at an attractive entry-level price of 149 CHF/month. Available in two color variants, Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, it opens up new mobility routes for people aged 14 and over with an AM (moped) driving license, in accordance with the respective national regulations.

Front runner in the L6e category

La nuova Microlino Lite sarà presentata al Salone di GinevraWith its self-supporting body made of high-strength steel, the Microlino Lite sets new standards in terms of driving dynamics and safety in its vehicle class. With a basic range of approximately 100 km, which can be optionally extended up to 180 km, it is the perfect companion for everyday use.

Complemented by outstanding production quality with an outer skin made of steel and aluminum in automotive quality, the sunroof for that convertible feeling in summer and a practical trunk of up to 230 l, it offers a unique package all round. Like its big brother, the Microlino Lite is built in the Microlino factory in the heart of Europe, in Turin, Italy.

Source: Microlino AG

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