Interesting strategy from Joby Aviation

Interessante strategia da Joby Aviation

Jovy Aviation has implemented an interesting strategy to increase the production of its aircraft, especially addressing aircraft development.

Try the concept first and learn quickly through testing, before making bigger investments, is the motto of the company.

Interessante strategia da Joby AviationThat’s why, in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation, they designed and built their pilot production line in Marina, California before investing in a larger facility. By running the equipment and their own processes dry-running, they were able to optimize production and improve the manufacturability of the aircraft.

By making the right investments at the right stage of development, the company takes the most efficient path towards rapid production of their revolutionary aircraft.

Jovy Aviation can’t wait to deliver the aircraft to their Department of Defense partners in the near future and to launch commercial service in 2025.

Source: Joby Aviation

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