Helix celebrates the 25th anniversary of foundation of Integral Powertrain

Helix celebra il 25° anniversario dalla fondazione di Integral Powertrain

In 1998, 25th years ago, Helix founded Integral Powertrain (IP), the automotive and motorsport engineering consultancy. Globally recognised for its excellence.

Helix is the British manufacturer of the world’s most power-dense electric motors and inverters, based on Scalable Core Technology that defines three levels of electric propulsion unit application, all suited to full-scale production. Scalable Core Technology includes bespoke manufacturing techniques, designed and implemented in house.

Helix celebra il 25° anniversario dalla fondazione di Integral PowertrainRepresenting significant investment, the recently opened Shenley Technical Centre sits at the centre of Helix’s commitment to becoming a global electric propulsion powerhouse, a commitment that includes international facilities. Helix is targeting emerging requirements in sectors including aerospace, marine and commercial and off-highway vehicles, while continuing to serve its traditional high-end automotive and motorsport markets.

From 2009 Integral Powertrain developed a manufacturing capability suitable for short production runs of motors and inverters. Its technology helped power the world’s pioneering hybrid-electric hypercars, defining a level of excellence and performance upon which Helix, today a manufacturer and engineering consultancy, continues to build, without forgetting the disruptive spirit of the past. That spirit remains in X-Division, where Helix engineers work the possibilities of tomorrow’s technology.

Chief Technical Officer Andy Cross joined IP in 2000 and has seen its Integral e-Drive division transformed into Helix. Considering the 25th anniversary and Helix brand, he says:

For me it’s all about the shift from consultancy to product-focused company. It’s the clarification of a journey we’ve been on for more than a decade and I’m super excited to see us strengthening the brand and targeting new sectors.

Helix celebra il 25° anniversario dalla fondazione di Integral PowertrainThe unmatched power density of Helix machines, proven in tough track and hypercar applications, where high duty cycles and robust performance are essential for success, is helping designers and OEMs realise new opportunities in markets far removed from IP’s reach 25 years ago. Helix offers full scale motor and inverter manufacturing capability based on almost 15 years in high-end electric propulsion system engineering. It is uniquely qualified to satisfy the burgeoning global demand for high-performance, power-dense electric motor technology.

Darren Cairns, Helix Director and CEO, says:

Electrification is so exciting and so fast developing. I don’t think anyone anticipated it would grow at the rate it has, but Helix is perfectly placed in the market. We have never had such a strong order book or so strong a pipeline for new business. We are ready and we intend to own this space.

Source: Helix

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