Partnership Renault Group and Verkor for low carbon batteries

Partnership Gruppo Renault e Verkor per batterie low carbon
Alpine 100% elettrico C-Crossover GT,

Renault Group signed a long term partnership with Verkor to  supply 12 GWh per year of batteries for electric vehicles.

Verkor is the European pioneer in low-carbon batteries and will supply Renault Group with the equivalent of 12 GWh that will be used in the upper segments of Renault Group’s brands, starting with the future Alpine 100% electric C-Crossover GT, manufactured in Dieppe, France, from 2025.

These high-performance and low-carbon batteries will be produced in France at the future Verkor Gigafactory in Dunkirk.

This announcement marks an important step in Verkor’s development, and consolidates the strategic partnership started with Renault Group’s acquisition of a stake in Verkor in June 2021. Since then, Renault Group and Verkor have approved the technical quality of the product, its economic competitiveness, and its industrialization process, from the Verkor Innovation Centre in Grenoble (VIC) to the construction of the Dunkirk Gigafactory, which will be operational in 2025.

Source: Renault Group

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