Cell to body Technology in the new BYD Seal

Cell to body Technology nella nuova BYD Seal

At the 2022 Shenzhen International Auto Show, opened on 28th of May, BYD, for the first time has been displayed the new BYD Seal  Electric Vehicle.

Cell to body Technology nella nuova BYD SealThis car has several new technical features, but the most interesting one in the technology called CTB cell to body, which allows the battery to be integrated into the vehicles body.

According to BYD, the CTB solution allows the sandwich structure originally used for the battery pack, to be used troughout the vehicle, with the floor of the body integrating the top cover of the battery pack.

This design allows for a 66% increase in volume utilization of the battery pack, a 50% increase in structural safety in frontal crash, and a 100% stiffness over conventional design.

In term of safety, CTB technology makes the upper limit of internal combustion engine cars become the lower limit of electric cars.

Cell to body Technology nella nuova BYD SealSeal’s battery pack consist of closely spaced blade cells, top cover and bottomplate in a honeycomb structure, giving the battery sysytem greater strenght to withstand the crushing of a 50 ton heavy truck.

With CTB technology, the battery pak is both an energy supply and a structural component, thus making it possible for a vehice to be unbreakable according to BYD.

The 82,5 kWh capacity battery pack of the Seal long range  gives to this EV a CLTC range of over 700 Km with one charge and it support a charge current of 150 kW, with 30-80% fast charging in less the 30 minutes.

Price of BYD seals start in China from about 32,000 USD.

Shenzhen 30/5/2022

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