OTTO-BIKE made its debut a concept electric motorcycle MCR in ECIMA 2017


OTTO-BIKE unfeiled an individualistic aesthetics with modern human-vehicle interface to explore a whole new mobility world


Milan, Italy. November 2017. OTTO-BIKE established in Taipei in 2016. The new generation concept motorcycle MCR debuted at EICMA.  Innovation base in Taiwan for design and research development, the vehicle components of over 20 years manufacturing OEM foundry, OTTO-BIKE enables independent design and manufacturing.  

Otto-BikeThe debut of MCR for Mini-City-Racer means the fast-moving mini-electric two-wheels vehicle in the bustling city. Stylish and individualism design creating a boutique electric motorcycle with modern human-vehicle interface and internet of vehicles capabilities.

Otto-BikeWhole vehicle design with exquisite stylish, from the overall shape, headlights, grips, pedals, wheel frames, calipers, rear-view mirror and so on….  In addition, OTTO-BIKE independent develop 7.5kW wheel motor as the main power source, navigation on dashboard Otto-Bikedisplay, riding mode switch, front and rear cameras,  message tips, facebook live features, and smartphone APPs, fingerprint recognition, vehicle location tracking, traffic video downloads, travel tourism attraction building and sharing capabilities, allowing users to get a more diverse riding experience. 

OTTO-BIKE outlines the future of mobility concepts and devote to innovative design and development, expectations through EICMA to prove the future pattern of electric vehicles.

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