Eight electric buses from BYD to Coimbra Municipal Transportation breaks into Portuguese bus market

BYD eBus Coimbra

The eight 12-metre eBuses that BYD has recently delivered to the Coimbra Municipal Transportation Service (SMTUC) in Portugal, marking the first time that BYD has entered the Portuguese bus market.

The delivery also signifies a significant step in Portugal’s move to a more sustainable future transport policy.

Coimbra’s new eBus fleet follows a number of major fleet deliveries in recent weeks for BYD – Europe’s leading electric bus manufacturer – with Local Authorities and public transport users demonstrating a growing commitment to 100% emissions-free, pure-electric mobility; as illustrated by Portugal’s Minister for Environment & Energy Transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes.

By 2050 – he said – we will have all ground mobility driven by electricity or hydrogen.

BYD eBus CoimbraThe fleet hand-over took place in Coimbra’s Mondego Green Park and included Coimbra’s City Council President, Manuel Machado, accompanied by Mr Matos Fernandes,

The eBuses – added Mr Matos Fernandes – are, therefore, a part of the response that the Municipality of Coimbra is giving to the new urban consciousness, to the new civic and environmental demands of the citizens who live and work here.

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director at BYD Europe, said:

We are delighted to have planted a BYD flag in Portugal’s bus market – it’s a very important country for the future of electric mobility with a number of Portuguese cities expressing progressive views on clean, 100% emissions-free transport. Local Authorities across Portugal will be keeping a close eye on Coimbra and the many benefits – social and financial – which it can expect over the coming months and years.

“Today, – he said – BYD is present throughout Europe, and in hugely diverse markets covering the full spectrum of climatic conditions; from extreme cold in Scandinavia to the heat of southern Italy, Spain and now Portugal. BYD eBuses deliver reliable, safe operation – whatever the weather!

Source: BYD

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