Two new eBus unveiled by BYD at Busworld 2023

Due nuovi eBus presentati da BYD al Busworld 2023
BYD Press Conference at Busworld 2023

BYD introduces two new electric buses, the 12-metre BYD eBus B12 and the BYD-UNVI DD13 Double-Decker coach at Busworld 2023, (7th to 12th October).

The BYD 12-metre B12 eBus brings a new generation of integrated chassis technology to public transport operators in Europe. In addition, and making its world premiere at the BYD stand, is the 13-metre customisable pure-electric intercity double-decker coach; the BYD-UNVI DD13, an exciting collaboration between the pioneering BYD brand and renowned European coach bodybuild specialist, UNVI.

Due nuovi eBus presentati da BYD al Busworld 2023
The all-new BYD’s 12-metre eBus with Blade Battery Chassis

These new buses join two established BYD models on show at Busworld 2023: the BYD eBus B19 (18.75 metres) and the 15-metre BYD eBus B15.

With BYD’s latest generation of 12-metre electric buses, BYD presents its revolutionary all-new pure-electric bus chassis which integrates the ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Blade Battery within the chassis structure. This groundbreaking Blade Battery Chassis technology also utilises a new 6-in-1 controller with Silicon Carbide technology, together with two innovative wheel hub hairpin motors. Combined, these bring a multitude of benefits to BYD’s 12-metre eBus including enhanced energy efficiency, performance and durability. The Blade Battery, with a maximum capacity of 500kWh, delivers an exceptional range of 600 km in one charge reducing the need for regular charging, making the BYD eBus B12 an excellent choice for busy bus routes.

Due nuovi eBus presentati da BYD al Busworld 2023
The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker

Always committed to developing strong partnerships, BYD has collaborated with UNVI to produce a new 13-metre double-decker coach for European public transport operators. The alliance brings together BYD’s expertise in world-leading battery and chassis technology and UNVI’s exceptional experience in body design and build technology. The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker, equipped with ADAS for added safety, makes its world premiere at Busworld 2023.

Source: BYD

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