Further 30 BYD eBuses to EMT Madrid

BYD EMT Madrid

The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid, EMT Madrid, has confirmed that BYD will supply a further 30 eBuses for operations in the Spanish capital.

BYD EMT Madrid
Delivery of 15 BYD eBuses to EMT Madrid in May 2020. On the left: Mr. José Luis Martínez Ameida, Mayor of Madrid; on the right: Mr. Borja Carabante Muntada, Councilor for Mobility [Picture Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid]
The order for BYD’s 12-metre pure-electric eBuses comprises the majority of a 50 vehicle order from EMT Madrid – Spain’s largest surface public transport operator running 2,100 vehicles. The announcement follows the delivery of an initial fleet of 15 BYD 12-metre models earlier in May.

EMT selected BYD for the supply of this latest fleet of 30 eBuses based on several operational parameters including extensive single-charge range capability, cost of energy consumption, maintenance costs and manufacturer’s guarantee.

The original fleet of 15 BYD eBuses are already in successful operation on EMT Madrid’s high-frequency ‘route 52’ service connecting Puerta del Sol and Santamarca, and also on Madrid’s new perimeter service which forms part of the ‘Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy’.

Despite lockdown restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, this initial 15 BYD eBuses were successfully supplied in May. The subsequent order for 30 eBuses will be delivered in 2021.

Source: BYD

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