At the World Port Days in Rotterdam, the world first for UIM E1 World Championship

Ai World Port Days di Rotterdam, prima mondiale per UIM E1 World Championship

UIM E1 World Championship will display the preview of inaugural racing season in 2024 at the World Port Days in Rotterdam, between 1-3 September.

Alejandro Agag, Co-Founder & Chairman of E1 said:

It’s fantastic to be returning to Rotterdam, from previously exhibiting to now launching multiple RaceBirds on the water. This is truly an amazing milestone for E1.

For the first time, we will be providing a preview of a E1 race weekend, an insight into our format launching in early 2024, also introducing our floating paddock and even better, spectators can watch all the action.

Our electric journey is only just beginning, and I welcome our fans to stay tuned for more exciting developments to come.

Not only will the RaceBirds be running on the water at high speeds in front of the scenic Erasmus Bridge, E1 will debut multiple unique stunning liveries, each showcasing the colours of the championship.

Sabine Bruijnincx, Director of World Port Days Rotterdam:

We’re glad to have E1 returning to World Port Days for the second time. Their display of multiple RaceBirds and dedication to promoting sustainability within the Port of Rotterdam is truly noteworthy. E1 demonstration adds an exciting dimension to the World Port Days line-up, giving our audience a chance to witness their impressive skills.

Fans and spectators of the event will be able to view the racing action where pilots will participate in a series of challenges. More specifically, there will be two event styles, the Daikin Cup and the ComeOn Challenge, which will run each day over the course of Friday to Sunday. 

Ai World Port Days di Rotterdam, prima mondiale per UIM E1 World ChampionshipThe Daikin Cup will host time trials where the pilots will go head-to-head in the challenge around E1’s Infinity Course to see which team will come out on top with the quickest lap times.

The display will be the preview of the format of the inaugural championship in 2024, where pilots will be racing in several heats at each event to determine who will progress to the next stage. The fastest teams and pilots will then advance to the final to decide the winner.

Alongside this challenge, the ComeOn Challenge will be a relay event with pilots handing over the RaceBird to their team partner at the mid-point of the race and will compete to be the first team to cross the finish line.

Pairings will change during each of the three days of World Port Days event. A first in electric powerboat racing, the teams will be equally split, with one female and one male pilot in each, promoting a gender-equal level playing field amongst competitors.

Racing as a testbed, E1 is on a sustainability mission of driving electrification in the marine mobility by supporting and creating important conversations around clean technologies, whilst fast-tracking the development of new solutions. Working with Rotterdam Port is just one example of how the series is achieving this.

Continuing from its exhibit the previous year, E1 will once again be partnering with Purpose Pole Position (PPP) as the official promoter of the race in Rotterdam, working together to collaborate with the government and key stakeholders to bring this event to life. Working with PPP fits in with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s policy on contributing to the sustainability of transport from and to the port.

This race preview event in Rotterdam marks the start of the countdown to the inaugural season of the UIM E1 World Championship, where Jeddah will host the first-ever E1 Series race in January 2024. Developed to minimise environmental impact and maximise sustainable logistics solutions, the provisional UIM E1 World Championship racing schedule for Season One is now live.

Source: E1 Series

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