Futuro Solare: from Syracuse to Australia for Sicilian cheeses… “That’s Amore”

Futuro Solare: da Siracusa all’Australia per i formaggi siciliani… “That’s Amore”

There are many Italian emigrants in Australia and the Futuro Solare Team was hosted by Giorgio Linguanti, founder of the That’s Amore company.

We spoke with him while he was driving to Melbourne airport for work and we discovered how much Italy is appreciated abroad; thanks also to the people like him who bring the Italian spirit around the world.

Futuro Solare: da Siracusa all’Australia per i formaggi siciliani… “That’s Amore”Dario Ruggeri (EMN): First of all, who is Giorgio, what is That’s Amore and what does it do?

Giorgio Linguanti: Giorgio immigrated from Sicily to Australia in 2004 and in 2008 he set up a company which is now called That’s Amore Cheese. It is a company that produces Italian style cheeses and exports them throughout Australia and also abroad.

That’s Amore Cheese, through some events, managed to create and carry forward a community of followers and lovers of Italianness and therefore managed to put together a full-fledged Italian community in a period in which the Italian community in Australia was becoming somewhat diluting in a certain sense.

Dario Ruggeri (EMN): Why did you decide to sponsor Futuro Solare, the only Italian team competing in this World Solar Challenge 2023?

Futuro Solare: da Siracusa all’Australia per i formaggi siciliani… “That’s Amore”Giorgio Linguanti: For a couple of very simple reasons. Patriotically speaking, the boys are from Syracuse and also me; therefore, it touches me personally and touches my heart.

Secondly, when I arrived here in Australia many people helped me, the spirit is to help each other so it wasn’t difficult for me to do the same because then helping people and being helped is a cycle that starts. Even more so when talking about a project like this, it’s so nice to be part of it. This innovation, this spirit, having this young team that creates makes you feel good. It’s something exciting that makes you feel alive.

Dario Ruggeri (EMN): The WSC is scheduled every two years, do you think your commitment is long-term also for possible future participation or do you see yourself for this year and then, we’ll see?

Giorgio Linguanti: I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago and I immediately made myself available with what I could; therefore, if there is the possibility of doing more it will be done with pleasure. You do what you can.

Here are the words of Mr. Giorgio Linguanti in the interview with Dario Ruggeri from Melbourne.

Interview and photos: #DarioRuggeri #theEMNteam

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