Eco Grand Prix: 24 hours endurance race at Czech Ring

The first weekend of October will take place the 24 hours endurance Eco Grand Prix race at Czech Ring, the second endurance race of the season.

There are five teams registered at the next race at Czech Ring with their electric cars and their driving skills at the next ecoGP race. The organizer welcome Tesclicka CZ from Czech Republic, the winners of the previous race at Transilvania Motor Ring and they will come with their Tesla Model S. The next registered team is Tesla Happy Owners Romania with a Tesla Model Y. Also, we have two teams from Germany. E-Cup-Germany will come at the race with a Renault Zoe and Volkswagen e-Golf will participate with an e-Golf. The last registered team is from Czech Republic and they will join us with with Hyundai Kona.

Android phone needed for each team

Each participating team should have at least one Android phone or can rent one from ecoGP with 10 Euros. You will need it for the tracking system where it’s possibile to check the activity on the race track. Due to the new systems, it’s use – a development of the partner TRON IT Consulting, which is renting this system also to other events – that allow to be able to track the speed live and to count laps in any place of this world.

The real challenge will be to drive the maximum number of laps having only 22 kW chargers on site, the actual situation of power infrastructure at most race tracks.

Source: Eco Grand Prix

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