The Renault 5 E-Tech electric’s World Premiere at Geneva

Anteprima mondiale di Renault 5 E-Tech elettrica a Ginevra

Renault will unveil on Monday 26th February at 9:30 am CET the Renault 5 E-Tech electric to the world at the 2024 Geneva International Motor Show.

The unveiling ceremony will take place before an international audience of journalists attending the event especially for the occasion (and on live stream), in an extraordinary moment. Alongside its E-Tech electric and E-Tech full hybrid line-ups, Renault will showcase five avantgarde, one-of-a-kind mobility solutions and its interactive avatar, Reno.

Renault’s new line-up in the spotlight

Anteprima mondiale di Renault 5 E-Tech elettrica a GinevraAt its stand – R5volution is a French thing – Renault is showcasing its product offensive with its latest electric and hybrid models. The Renault 5, Megane and Scenic represent its E-Tech 100% electric offering, with the Espace and Rafale illustrating its full hybrid technology.

Renault 5 E-Tech electric is the first vehicle to include Reno, Renault’s interactive avatar. Via an interactive display, visitors to the stand will be able to chat with this new, clever and friendly travel companion that is brimming with character.

There will also be two displays of Ampere technology, consisting of the new AmpR Small platform (Renault 5 E-Tech electric is the first model to use this B-segment EV platform) and another for Renault 5 E-Tech electric’s new motor, bidirectional charger and optimised battery.

The stand will also feature a selection of Renault 5 merchandise that references the model’s pop icon status. The store, The Originals, will sell articles designed and made with French brands, including a Bonzini football table, a Shapers Club surfboard, a Saint James woollen jumper and a Plume electric scooter.

Five unique collaborative projects with French start-ups

Anteprima mondiale di Renault 5 E-Tech elettrica a GinevraRenault is enhancing its iconic vehicle’s launch with 5 Movements, a programme with five French start-ups in the mobility sector. Each collaborative project revolves around a natural element – earth, water, air or snow – and all these mobility objects are groundbreaking, compact and high-performance.

Reverso – Antoine Simon – The first folding sailing dinghy

Reverso, a French startup, is blazing new trails with an eponymous compact, ultra-stable, rigid-hull sailboat. It measures 3.40 by 1.45 metres and can be disassembled into four independent floating parts, making it convenient to store and transport. Reverso’s cutting-edge design, high-end materials and hand crafting in France make it the perfect choice for adventure on the water. It weighs only 16.8kg and is designed to go as fast as 45km/h.

Evol BMX – Olivier Le Quellec – The first electric BMX

Evol BMX is the result of a collaboration between Olivier Le Quellec, an electric mobility enthusiast, and Vincent Coste, an eminent architect. Its design encapsulates a flawless alliance of vitality and high performance, making it ideal for keen bikers and urban-culture enthusiasts. Weighing only 13kg, it is powered by a 500W motor, has a maximum speed of 45km/h and a range of up to 40km.

Anteprima mondiale di Renault 5 E-Tech elettrica a GinevraSearacer – Flavien Neyertz – The first electric jet ski

Searacer is the first electric jet ski, created in southeast France by Flavien Neyertz. Its high-density motor’s performance is unrivalled, and Searacer is versatile enough to impress seasoned sportspeople as much as beginners. It has won an A’ Design Award as well as French Grand Prix motorcycle rider Fabio Quartararo’s endorsement. It weighs 65kg, has a top speed of 77km/h and can be used for up to two hours at a time.

Moonbike – Nicolas Muron – The first electric snow scooter

Moonbike is revolutionising winter travel with its electric snow scooter. At only 90kg, it is lightweight and manoeuvrable, has a caterpillar track at the back and a ski at the front, can travel at 40 km/h and has a three-hour range. It is chainless and beltless, so it requires minimal maintenance – and is exceedingly reliable and efficient. This breakthrough is patented, built in the Alps, and will treat users to fun and memorable winter experiences.

Anteprima mondiale di Renault 5 E-Tech elettrica a GinevraPlume foil – Etienne Monbereau – Electric foil

This high-end electric foil strikes the perfect balance with its uncompromising quality at a competitive price. It is the result of five years of R&D, is designed and built in France, can ride for up to 90 minutes and weighs less than 30kg. It can reach 35 km/h and takes off at 15km/h, providing a unique experience that is soothing and experience at the same time.

Source: Renault

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