Deep restructuration plan to Faraday Future

Faraday Future FF91

In late 2018, Faraday Future began to restructure the own organization with a lot of changements in the top management and resignation of Jia Yueting as CEO.

Faraday Future also continue to adapt to the marketplace, in a way to ensure the competitiveness in place and will announce more details on this in the near future.

FF are hopeful that their current and future employees will see the many benefits of their change of governance structure, that includes the optimization of FF’s organizational structure that accelerated the company’s global integration, promoted more competent and mid-level managers to leadership positions, and significantly improved the overall levels of organizational innovation and competencies.

Faraday Future FF91In 2014 FF defined and introduced FF 91, a disruptive entry in the EV marketplace.

While FF continues to conduct rigorous testing before the final delivery of FF 91, now the company is also working on product upgrades and iterations in the field of I.A.I (Internet, Autonomous Driving and AI), which are crucial to their vehicle’s core competencies.

The Internet Ecosystem model created by FF’s founder Jia Yueting is still essential to the long-term development of FF. Mr. Jia’s forward-looking vision and strategy have given FF its transformational genes; his strategic planning in business model innovation has also established FF’s differentiated competitiveness, and will also continue to promote product technology innovation and ecological innovation to help FF achieve its long-term strategic goals.

Mr. Jia continues to attend to his remaining debts and has made it a priority to repay them as quickly as he can. Most recently he has repaid more than $3 billion in domestic (China) debt through various means during the past two years. The establishment of the debt repayment trust hopes to provide a thorough solution to this issue as soon as possible.

FF will make a major announcement on September 3rd and their encourage to tune in to see what is next for Faraday Future.

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