Electrogenic expands partner installer network to Australia, strengthens in USA & Europe

Electrogenic espande la rete di installatori in Australia, si rafforza negli Stati Uniti e in Europa
Electrogenic Rolls Royce

British EV technology company Electrogenic has further expanded the international network of installers for its ‘drop in’ EV conversion kits.

Electrogenic’s game changing EV technology will now be available in Australia for the first time through Finch Restorations. Meanwhile, the network’s reach in North America is enhanced through the addition of J E Robinson Service, while the French market will now be served by Bymoss, boosting the company’s network in Europe.

Electrogenic espande la rete di installatori in Australia, si rafforza negli Stati Uniti e in Europa
Electrogenic electric E-Type battery motor

The trio further enhance Electrogenic’s carefully vetted international partner network, which already includes specialists spanning the UK, Europe and North America. The latest additions enable the Oxford, UK based firm to further expand its global reach, leaving it perfectly placed to tap into the growing international demand that exists for clean, efficient and reliable EV conversions.

Electrogenic’s packages are unique in that they are custom-designed to fit entirely into the existing architecture of a vehicle and are designed specifically for each model, with no cutting or drilling required. Thanks to Electrogenic’s exhaustive R&D work, the genuine plug and play, ‘drop in’ conversion packages can be quickly installed by a trained mechanic. They are also entirely reversible.

Electrogenic’s drop in kit range includes electric powertrain options for a series of popular, iconic models – from original Mini to the classic Porsche 911, Land Rover Defender, Jaguar E-Type and Triumph Stag. The kits deliver Electrogenic’s cutting-edge, proprietary EV technology – the tech that has underpinned the company’s rapid growth in recent years – to the ever-growing international market.

Expansion into Australia, Growth in USA and Europe

The latest group of partners includes Finch Restorations, the leader in the Australian automotive restoration industry. Since its establishment in 1965, Finch has been at the forefront of preserving automotive heritage through meticulous restoration craftsmanship. With nearly 60 years in business, the Southern Australia based firm has garnered a reputation for excellence, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern and digital restoration techniques- breathing new life into all manner of pre-1990 vehicles.

Electrogenic espande la rete di installatori in Australia, si rafforza negli Stati Uniti e in Europa
JE Robinson

Electrogenic’s innovative ‘do no harm’ approach to electric conversions, combined with Finch Restorations’ unparalleled craftsmanship, ensures classic car enthusiasts in Australia can look forward to experiencing the perfect blend of heritage and sustainability. Finch’s team of skilled artisans and engineers will offer electric conversions for using Electrogenic’s entire range of drop in EV kits.

The partner installer network in the USA has also been further bolstered by the addition of J E Robinson Service. The Springfield, Massachusetts based firm has been serving the British car community for over 35 years, and is regarded as one of the top restorers and rebuilders of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar cars in North America. J E Robinson has won awards for its restorations at concours shows across North America, with a client list that spans both the USA and Canada. The expert team will install Electrogenic’s entire range of drop in kits.

Electrogenic’s European reach is also boosted by the addition of Bymoss in France. The Lyon based firm is known for bringing automotive icons back to life with a modern twist. Bymoss combines the timeless heritage of iconic brands with the latest advances in electric powertrain technology, offering its customers a unique driving experience that combines performance, reliability and respect for the environment. The team will transform icons, such as the much loved classic Mini, into symbols of sustainability and innovation.

Transformative EV technology, developed in Britain

Electrogenic’s innovative range of kits is produced under its ‘Powered by Electrogenic’ technology arm, and comprises options for the Land Rover Defender, Series Land Rovers, Jaguar E-Type, classic Porsche 911, original Mini as well as the Triumph Stag. Various specifications of battery and motors are available for each model – catering to a broad range of customer needs and budgets.

Electrogenic espande la rete di installatori in Australia, si rafforza negli Stati Uniti e in Europa
Electrogenic Mini Electric Conversion

All the ‘drop-in’ kits are defined by their quality and depth of engineering, developed in-house by a research and development team comprising leading automotive engineers, programmers and electrical experts, and overseen by former Arrival Ltd Chief Engineer, Francis Prime.

The ‘plug and play’ powertrain solutions reflect Electrogenic’s approach of developing and manufacturing its own technology, which includes in-house vehicle control software, printed circuit board (PCB) design for controlling dashboard displays and body control, and digital dashboards. The driver interface also gets attention, with sport, eco and traffic modes, as well as a regen-based hill-descent control function for the Defender.

Electrogenic’s cleverly packaged drop-in kits also use highly innovative mechanical componentry, including a unique system for creating high-density battery packs, as well as exceptionally compact in-line and transverse reduction gearboxes, all manufactured in the UK. The neat packaging solutions ensure that for each ‘drop-in’ kit variant the vehicles’ existing structure and architecture is preserved, nothing is cut or drilled.

All drop-in kits drive through single speed, fixed ratio transmissions, and feature 6.6kW AC charging and CCS rapid charging, for total convenience.

Source: Electrogenic

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