Partnership Ceres and Horiba Mira for hydrogen and fuel cells

Partnership Ceres e Horiba Mira per idrogeno e celle a combustibile

Ceres and Horiba Mira signed a partnerhip to accelerate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, with a major investment in UK green hydrogen economy.

The long-term agreement aims to expand the UK’s delivery of new fuel cell and hydrogen technology at scale to international markets.

Ceres is a high-growth UK technology business that develops fuel cells used for power generation, electrolysis for the creation of green hydrogen. It supplies advanced fuel cell technologies to global partners including Bosch, Weichai, Doosan and Miura to develop systems and products that address climate change for power generation, transportation, industry, and data centres.

Partnership Ceres e Horiba Mira per idrogeno e celle a combustibileHoriba Mira’s Testing-as-a-Service draws on a 75-year history of engineering testing, validation, and certification as well as active participation in the development of international regulatory frameworks for new technologies. This testing service offer is an enabler for Horiba Mira’s customers seeking the rapid maturation of emerging carbon-zero technologies.

The multi-million-pound agreement will see the development of a new and state-of-the-art 240m2 test facility at Horiba Mira’s headquarters, along with additional agreements to develop next-generation testing infrastructure to support Ceres’ core technology and system development, resulting in new and valuable high skill employment opportunities.

In addition to the new testing facilities the collaboration also includes the design, manufacture and certification of fuel cell testing systems, known as test stands, by the wider Horiba group, in order that Ceres can deploy testing into international markets with solutions that are locally compliant.

By bringing together high growth technology and trusted testing capability, Ceres will be able to expand its global operations and position itself at the forefront of the international clean energy and hydrogen economy, while Horiba Mira will cement its position as a leading Testing-as-a-Service provider.

Source: Ceres Power

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