MV Agusta entry in the lightweight electric vehicles market

MV Agusta entra nel mercato delle mobilità elettrica leggera

The well known MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. announced its entry into the light electric mobility market with a range of lightweight e-vehicles.

In this way, the brand from Schiranna is directly targeting the market of sophisticated, discerning urban dwellers for whom moving around the city on a sports motorcycle is not the most practical option. MV Agusta e-mobility light vehicles will fill the gap and meet the need for a fast, stylish and eco-friendly way to roam the metropolis.

E-bicycles will be launched first, soon to be followed by kick scooters.

MV Agusta entra nel mercato delle mobilità elettrica leggeraMV Agusta chose the name AMO, Italian for “I love”, for this first e-bikes series. It takes after the company’s passion for the two wheels world. There will be two models in the series, the RR and the RC, both featuring a 250W silent Mahle engine with assisted speed of up to 25km/h, a 250Wh Panasonic battery providing 75km autonomy on a single charge, and premium quality components such as the Pirelli tyres, the Magura disc brakes and the Gates Carbon Drive belt. At just 15.5 kg, AMO bicycles are lightweight and inconspicuous, ideal for urban commutes or leisure trips.

The elegant RR version will come in a choice of two liveries, one yellow and black, the other red and black, while the limited edition RC will be offered in the classic red, white and black Reparto Corse livery.

The newcomers in the MV Agusta family will be designed and engineered in Italy, following the brand’s tradition of impeccable craftsmanship, using the latest technology and advanced, premium materials. Partnerships have been developed with established manufacturers for kick-scooters, while e-bicycles will be entirely assembled in-house.

Both product series will be available online at in the e-mobility section as well as through MV Agusta’s traditional sales network. External partners will also be involved to boost launch and distribution.

MV Agusta entra nel mercato delle mobilità elettrica leggeraThe development of a strong, scalable online platform for the brand’s e-mobility vehicles is an important part of MV Agusta’s strategy for the future of this segment. The plan includes a dedicated online space to learn about the products, an online store and in general a robust ecosystem where clients can order e-products, and buy or return parts.

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., commented:

Our world is moving fast, society is evolving at a cadence the pandemic and the new-normal have dramatically accelerated. The motorcycle industry has come to form part of a single, larger market of lightweight mobility that encompasses all two-wheel vehicles. There is a growing need for affordable, light and eco-friendly mobility solutions, especially in large, busy urban contexts. An entire segment, almost untouched. We realised the time was right for us to unlock the full potential of what the MV Agusta brand stands for. Speed, quality of engineering and authentic Italian design are values that resonate with urban dwellers and bikers alike. I am confident this move to diversify our product portfolio with an exciting and different product range will be well received by the markets and bring us the expected returns.

Source: MV Agusta

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