Large order to BYD for 406 Electric Buses in Colombia

BYD per 406 autobus elettrici in Colombia

BYD will deliver another 406 pure electric buses to the Colombian capital of Bogota and will co-work with Superpolo on the body part of the buses for such order.

That e-buses will coming shortly after a previous announcement on December 17 of the delivery of the 470 pure electric buses to the city.

BYD per 406 autobus elettrici in Colombia
120 BYD electric buses delivered to Bogota

The buses were tendered by the Bogota City Public Transport Authority (Transmilenio S.A.). A joint venture between Colombian business group Fanalca and international public transport operator Transdev used BYD’s integrated E-bus solutions to bid and successfully won the tender. The buses are expected to be deployed along 15 routes in Bogota’s Fontibon district in 2021 and thereafter 150,000 residents along the routes will be able to enjoy pure electric and zero-emission transportation services.

Along with the previously-announced 470 buses, the new batch includes 9m- and 12m-long buses

Source: BYD

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