Unveiled the racing calendar of UIM E1 World Championship

Svelato il calendario delle corse del campionato mondiale UIM E1

UIM E1 World Championship unveils racing calendar for inaugural season of electric powerboat racing in iconic waterfront cities.

Svelato il calendario delle corse del campionato mondiale UIM E1The countdown to the inaugural season of the UIM E1 World Championship has begun, with series organisers confirming that Jeddah will host the first-ever E1 race in January 2024. Developed to minimise environmental impact and maximise sustainable logistics solutions, the provisional UIM E1 World Championship racing schedule for Season One is as follows:

  • Race 1 Date TBC, Early 2024 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Race 2 February 2024 Middle East venue TBA
  • Race 3 April 26-27, 2024 Venice, Italy
  • Race 4 May 17-18, 2024 Venice, Italy
  • Race 5 June 2024 Europe venue TBA
  • Race 6 July 5-6, 2024 Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Race 7 September 2024 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Given the unique foiling characteristics of the RaceBird, all E1 events will take place close to shore, with fans and spectators able to easily view the action from land. E1 events will be held over the course of two days with practice sessions, qualifying and knockout races. Pilots will go head-to-head in a number of heats to determine who progresses to the next stage. The fastest teams and pilots will advance to the final to decide the winner.

Current teams set to compete in the UIM E1 World Championship:

  • Venice Racing Team
  • Team Nadal
  • Team Mexico (Sergio Perez)
  • Team Drogba

Source: E1 Series

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