Research about the cost of buy an electric vehicle around the world

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LEAF10 Special Version has analysed the cost of a Nissan Leaf1 across 53 countries to reveal the cheapest and most expensive countries to buy an electric vehicle (EV).

There are currently over 10 million electric vehicles (EVs) being driven around the world, with that number steadily rising as drivers become more conscious of their eco-footprint and the charging infrastructure improves. But one factor which may put people off going electric is the common perception that EVs are more expensive than petrol or diesel cars.

Top three cheapest countries to buy an EV are all in Europe (Spain, Malta, and Norway).

Here the ten cheapest countries to buy an EV (Nissan Leaf)

Rank Country Cost (£) Cost (in country’s currency)
1 Spain £17,733 €21,000
2 Malta £17,987 €21,300
3 Norway £19,118 219,900 kr
4 United States £19,908 $27,400
5 Japan £21,262 ¥3,326,400
6 Denmark £21,554 189,900 kr.
7 Canada £22,046 CAD$37,498
8 Poland £22,708 123,900 zł
9 France £22,715 €26,900
10 Puerto Rico £23,461 $32,290

It’s good news for car buyers in Spain, as the country has the cheapest Nissan Leaf entry price, starting at £17,733 – a staggering 39% less than the global average of £29,296. The reason for this bargain price is that Spain has a subsidy scheme to encourage electric car sales, running until 2023. Buyers are entitled to subsidies of up to €7,000 when they buy a new electric vehicle.
Malta is the second-cheapest country with a list price of just under £18,000. Similar to Spain, those looking to buy a new Nissan Leaf in Malta could be given a generous government grant of €12,000.

The ten most expensive countries to buy an EV (Nissan Leaf)

Rank Country Cost (£) Cost (in country’s currency)
1 Singapore £104,530 S$190,800
2 Argentina £48,617 ARS$6,648,500
3 Thailand £43,682 ฿1,990,000
4 Philippines £40,133 PHP2,798,000
5 Taiwan £38,809 NT$1,490,000
6 Brazil £37,031 R$287,990
7 Indonesia £33,271 Rp649,000,000
8 Mexico £33,211 Mex$922,900
9 New Zealand £32,179 NZ$61,990
10 Croatia £31,844 283,900KN

At the other end of the scale, Singapore – where cars are generally more expensive to buy – is revealed as the country where the Nissan Leaf is by far the most expensive, costing an astonishing £104,530. By comparison, a new Nissan Leaf bought in the UK costs £25,995 – that’s £78,535 (302%) cheaper than in Singapore.

A motor spokesperson at comments:

As the 2030 deadline for the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles approaches, motorists are likely beginning to think about making the switch to an electric vehicle when it comes to replacing their current car. Switching to an electric car is becoming more affordable, especially as they are exempt from vehicle tax, and the cost of a charge is lower than paying for fuel.

Methodology & sources

  1. All prices are for the cheapest currently available model of the Nissan Leaf in each country, according to the official Nissan website in each country as of 25/10/2021.

Prices listed are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and other taxes or levies may be applicable.

The list prices only include government incentives if these are applicable to anyone buying an electric vehicle (such as in the UK). In instances where such incentives are dependent on other factors, they are excluded from Nissan’s list price.

Prices were converted to pounds, euros and dollars as of 25/10/2021.

You can view the research in full here:



  1. New Zealand has a $8,625 subsidy for new electric cars under $80,000 so the correct Leaf price is NZ$53,365

    • Mr. Ross Webster. Thank you very much for your comment and for the correct price in New Zealand.
      Best regards and Happy New Year for you and your family !!!

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