“Don’t let it warm up” with Esagono Veicoli Elettrici

“Non lasciare che si scaldi” con Esagono Veicoli Elettrici

With the slogan “Don’t let it warm up”, Esagono Veicoli Elettrici refers global warming problem but also to manage last-mile shipments at certain temperatures.

Esagono Veicoli Elettrici produces solutions to reach all sectors of work in a widespread manner. The isothermal electric pick-up allows you to manage last-mile shipments, it can be used for the transport of food, drugs and vaccines, catering events, flower arrangements for events, and much more.

The cold room is 100% eco-friendly and 100% silent, as its operation is based on a chemical reaction between elements that are harmless to the environment, therefore it does not require any power supply and can be recharged indefinitely.

Source: Esagono Energia Srl

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