Formula E set to become the FIA ​​World Championship in the 2020-2021 season

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It was in the air and the conditions were all, but now the rumours indicate that Formula E should become the FIA ​​World Championship in 2020.

Many fans (and detractors) of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship are not aware that Formula E is not officially a world championship, even if it has all the rules in order to be it and about it Electric Motor News it has sought more details by speaking with different high exponents of Formula E, but without having concrete answers in a particular way as regards the philosophy of cost containment; one of the main parameters of the success of Formula E.

Now the publication E-racing365 of the colleague Sam Smith has published that soon will be put on the agenda all the procedures to obtain the status of FIA World Championship in the seventh season (2020-2021).

An FIA world championship must have certain characteristics that in the case of Formula E have been respected abundantly since a some years.

According to the FIA ​​parameters, to be a world championship you must at least have an average of 4 races in the entire season (respectively Formula E made 11 races in the first season, 10 in the second, 12 in the third and fourth and there are 13 in the current season) but it also serves to include specific commercial costs to authorize the granting of this world status.

It is no secret that conversations have been taking place for some time between Formula E, the founder Alejandro Agag, the manufacturers competing in the category of electric single-seaters and the FIA ​​to be “elevated” to world championship along with Formula 1, to the FIA ​​Endurance World Championship, at the FIA ​​World Rally Championship and the FIA ​​Rallycross World Championship.

James Barclay, Team Principal of Panasonic Jaguar Racing and president of the Formula E Teams & Manufacturers Association (FETAMA) said it was working in that direction, but also suggested that all long-term arguments should be addressed when the final protocol will be completed next year.

Barclay explained that “in the long term, there is understanding, that in the end we have to move to this status, but in reality the implementation time is fundamental, so we have to plan accordingly what it would mean for the championship”

These statements could refer to some changes from the point of view of the governance of Formula E, with the related technical and sporting aspects in the relationship with the FIA ​​and which could also be reflected in changes to the way in which the regulation was agreed and to how which was officially formulated.

Moving on this path that we are already taking is very exciting, including the next step – said Barclay. The fundamental thing is the decision on the timing, when and how the conversations we are having right now are really constructive with the FIA .

In fact, with nine builders (those present and those who have announced the entry from next season), one who officially knocks on the door and others who openly intend to enter, not only does Formula E have all the rules cards to enter in the FIA ​​world championship category club, but it has the largest number of automakers, which runs on four continents (Asia, Europe, Africa and America) and which in only four seasons (currently in the second part of the fifth) has had an exponential growth that few believed in that first Beijing 2014 race.

Electric Motor News can say (and prove) that it never had doubts !!!

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