Torrot Velocipedo: the revolution in Urban Mobility

torrot velocipede eicma

The revolution in urban mobility is here thanks to innovative Torrot Velocipedo

Source: Torrot

Milan, Italy. 9th November 2017. The future is now a reality with the launch of the new Torrot Velocipedo, an innovative and revolutionary formula for understanding urban mobility. The new 100% electric, technologically advanced concept created by Torrot combines the comfort and protection of a car with the agility of a motorcycle, increasing stability thanks to its two front wheels. This is the great commitment from Torrot to improve urban mobility. An exclusive vehicle with zero emissions designed to improve life and sustainability in cities, and suitable for the profiles of all types of drivers thanks to its ease of use.

Why have we named it “Torrot Velocipedo”?

torrot velocipede eicmaIts name is not the result of any random chance or because of serendipity, but due to history. In 1868, the Bruschet foundry started manufacturing unique two and three wheeled velocipedes. A practical and ingenious vehicle designed to free the streets of carriages and prevent the accumulation of waste in public spaces. The creation of these vehicles eventually transformed the life and transport of the capital of Cadiz, thanks to its new concept of mobility adapted to the needs of its time.

A legendary name that has been recovered to name once again this revolutionary and novel concept of electric mobility with the name of Torrot Velocipedo. This of course is a hint of the complicity between Torrot and Cádiz, which will be the company manufacturing headquarters of this new, highly technological model. History repeats itself, the Torrot Velocipedo is back in Cádiz, the city where it was first born.

And what needs does this new concept of vehicle answer?

The Torrot Velocipedo means the creation of a totally innovative and transforming vehicle in urban mobility. A three-wheeled vehicle, 100% electric, with a range of up to 150 kilometres, regenerative braking, a structure of torrot velocipede eicmacarbon fibre pillars and with special attention to aspects such as connectivity and new technologies: e-call. A revolutionary vehicle concept that fuses the most appreciated characteristics of the car, such as ease of use and comfort, with the strengths of the motorcycle, in this case the agility, acceleration and savings.

The Torrot Velocipedo combines the stability of its three wheels with the comfort, safety and protection offered by its architecture. A practical and easy to use vehicle thanks to its small size, and with zero emissions this makes this renewed means of transportation the best way of promoting mobility and sustainability in large cities.

How many types of models will there be?

The new Torrot Velocipedo uses the same base design for two models to meet the transport needs of individuals and companies. In the first phase, Torrot will manufacture two types of models. A two-seater, covered and with which you can drive without a helmet thanks to its seatbelt. And another second one-seater, called the Torrot Velocipedo C, with a greater load carrying capacity. It will be open, so the use of a helmet will be obligatory and designed for commercial use. Two models, adaptable to the particular needs of each of its customers.

Who can drive it?

torrot velocipede eicmaThe L3 electrical standard is the equivalent to 125 cc motorcycles with internal combustion engines. This means all those people with an A driving license in Spain (A1 from the age of 16) or with a B car license with more than three years experience will be allowed to drive the new Torrot Velocipedo.

Where and how can they be bought?

The Torrot Velocipedo is not only revolutionary in its concept, but also in its commercialization, since the first reservations can be made from its launch at the Motorcycle Show in Milan. An exclusive, limited series of 100 fully customizable units that can be purchased through the Torrot Velocipedo page on the Torrot website

There are three options:

  • PREMIUM (Limited edition for the 70th Anniversary of the brand with only 10 units): Choice of model, personalization of colour, wheels, upholstery and doors, numbered plate and personalized screenprinted text, limited edition logo, welcome pack, delivery party, first year insurance included and Torrot discounts.
  • PLUS (Limited and numbered edition of 11-100): Choice of model, personalization of the colour, wheels, upholstery and doors, limited edition logo, numbered plaque and personalized screenprinted text, welcome pack, first year insurance included and Torrot discounts.
  • VELOCIPEDE (Edition numbered from 101 onwards): Choice of model, personalization of colour, whels, upholstery and doors… (not included), first year insurance and Torrot discounts.

The first units of the new Torrot Velocipedo will be delivered as of September 1, 2018.

Technical Data Torrot Velocipede

torrot velocipede eicma

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