TGO DX of Olesa ordered two latest generation BYD 12-metre eBuses

TGO DX di Olesa ha ordinato due eBus BYD da 12 metri di ultima generazione
Latest generation of BYD 12-metre eBus

TGO DX company from Olesa de Montserrat, in Catalonia, ordered for the first time two new latest generation BYD 12-metre eBuses.

The vehicles will provide a pure-electric eMobility service for the people of Olesa de Montserrat and neighbouring Esparreguera in an area just outside Barcelona, and will form a connection with the regional train station.

The BYD eBuses will replace older diesel models, bringing clean, emissions-free transport to TGO’s route M3 for the first time. TGO DX and Transportes Urbanos y Servicios Generales, S.A.L. (TUSGSAL), which is also one of BYD’s customers, belong to the Direxis Group, the largest public transportation group serving the region of Catalonia.

TGO DX di Olesa ha ordinato due eBus BYD da 12 metri di ultima generazione
BYD 12-metre eBus in Olesa

The latest generation BYD 12-metre model enjoys a number of significant upgrades on its best-selling 12-metre stablemate, which will deliver important operational benefits for TGO DX. Key among them is an enhanced 422 kWh battery capacity to provide increased energy density and extended range capability. An all-new CO2 air-conditioning system further reduces emissions, while an innovative ‘6 in1’ controller seamlessly integrates the vehicle’s principle electronic components. For fleet managers, the future-proofed FleetLink fleet management tool monitors performance parameters across the eBus fleet, supporting optimum utilisation and maximum uptime.

For passengers, BYD’s latest generation 12-metre model benefits from its award winning ‘Home from Home’ concept, where design, materials and the intergration of the latest technology provide passengers with a safe, comfortable and truly welcoming experience.

Source: BYD

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