Thrilling developments for Deutsche Aircraft in the first half of 2021

Sviluppi entusiasmanti per Deutsche Aircraft nella prima metà del 2021
Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft made important progress and are moving ahead along the Product Design Review of the D328eco,  having key suppliers and partnerships on board.

Besides, to further minimize the environmental impact, they have concluded several agreements to work on technology proof-of-concepts for hydrogen to be fitted on the former D328 aircraft.

The company launched an employer branding campaign to recruit talents to help to write an important page of the aviation history together.

Since their last industry update in December 2020, where they formally announced Deutsche Aircraft’s name for the very first time, they have been working on the brand transitioning from 328SSG to Deutsche Aircraft. Step by step, they are moving closer to complete the process in September 2021.

To make this transition a success and shape a strong global brand, they have created a new visual identity that represents their commitment to ambitious environmental objectives.

Deutsche Aircraft Progresses in the D328eco Platform

Dave Jackson, Managing Director of Deutsche Aircraft, said in the press release…

Sviluppi entusiasmanti per Deutsche Aircraft nella prima metà del 2021
Garmin G5000 integrated flight deck selected by Deutsche Aircraft for D328eco regional turboprop

We are proud to announce that we have selected Garmin G5000 avionics to be fitted in our newly designed Companion flight deck. The implementation of the Garmin avionics is one key enabling system towards future Single Pilot Operation capability for our D328eco platform. In parallel, we are developing in our hangar in Oberpaffenhofen a mock-up of the cockpit fitted with our Companion flight deck design to do preliminary testing.

Next to our avionics system, we have also selected a supplier for the D328eco empennage.  We will be working with GKN Aerospace on the development of the empennage and the industrialisation of this airframe main assembly, which includes the rear fuselage and the vertical- and horizontal tail plane fin. The empennage will feature advanced lightweight solutions involving state-of-the-art composite technology.

Furthermore, we have successfully concluded the first series of tests on the new landing gear being developed to be fitted into the D328eco with our partner Heggemann AG. The landing gear development programme has now officially entered into the detail design phase.

Future Technology Development

Deutsche Aircraft’s objective is to fly zero CO2 emissions regional aircraft. We believe in the potential of hydrogen technology to help us reach this goal.

To help move this technology further in the aerospace industry, Deutsche Aircraft has signed two Memorandum of Understanding with two companies developing hydrogen technologies, H2Fly, who works on hydrogen fuel cells, and Universal Hydrogen, who works on hydrogen tanks.

Sviluppi entusiasmanti per Deutsche Aircraft nella prima metà del 2021
H2Fly and Deutsche Aircraft announce hydrogen-powered 40-seat airliner

Deutsche Aircraft will work together with H2Fly on the research and development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology for commercial regional aircraft. We will equip a D328 platform with a 1.5MW hydrogen system and we are planning to have the first flight of our demonstrator by the end of 2025.

In parallel, we will work with Universal Hydrogen on a design study to incorporate Universal Hydrogen’s modular capsule technology into the D328 platform.

Deutsche Aircraft: Your Place to Lift Off!

As we previously emphasized since the launch of the program, our ability to build up the team to face the challenges and opportunities ahead is and will remain vital.

To attract the best talents, our HR team did not leave any stones unturned. They have been conducting an employer branding campaign whose objective was to promote Deutsche Aircraft’s reputation and brand to be recognised as an employer of choice within the aerospace industry.

Welcome: New Leadership Onboard

2021 has been a dynamic year when it comes to hiring and onboarding. We are increasingly seeing more “new faces” around the office. We are delighted to welcome onboard these passionate colleagues whose values align with ours and who believe in what Deutsche Aircraft represents. Together, we will make sustainable aviation a reality.

Among our new talents, we recently welcomed two new Heads of Department to strengthen our engineering team with their experience and expertise. Meet Silvia Bianchi, our Director of Aircraft Architecture, and Regina Pouzolz, our Director of Sustainability.

Silvia Bianchi joined Deutsche Aircraft as Director of Aircraft Architecture. She is responsible for aircraft architecture for all future, current (D328eco) and legacy programmes, managing flight physics, powerplant, product safety, technical configuration and design integration.

A skilled aeronautical engineering leader and technology product development director with over 20 years’ experience in high-tech and engineering integration, Silvia joins us from the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation where she was IPT Director and Engineering Director for Aircraft Integration, Safety and V&V. Her previous global industry experience also includes Bombardier Aerospace, Diamond Aircraft, and Ferrari.

Regina Pouzolz joined Deutsche Aircraft as Director of Sustainability.

Regina started her aerospace career almost 20 years ago in Airbus’ Future Projects Office in Toulouse, where she developed an aircraft design methodology for minimum impact on climate. She then moved to McKinsey and Co. as a Senior Consultant in strategy, organization and product development, before heading back into the aerospace industry at MTU Aero Engines. There, Regina worked in Advanced Design and Business Development, where she introduced climate impact as part of the overall evaluation of future engine concepts.

Regina holds a PhD from TU Munich and a diploma of Ecole Centrale Paris.

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