Exciting Sur-Ron and Luna electric dirt bikes for adults

Sur-Ron e Luna dirt bike

Newbies and experienced riders now have the opportunity to choice the innovative design of the exciting Sur-Ron and Luna, an electric dirt bikes for adults.

It offers two modes of operation, sport and standard, both of which are quite easy to handle. It comes with a removable 60V battery which is easy to mount on the wall socket. And it takes about three hours to charge to full capacity.

Sur-Ron e Luna dirt bikeThe top speed for this bike is 45mph and it has no transmission or clutch, just single speed. The best part about it is that it weighs only 110lbs thanks to a high quality lightweight aluminum frame which ensures optimal performance.

The bike is easily customizable with upgrade options for the battery and pedal system. It also features a killer suspension system that offers versatility for all manner of terrain with no compromise on performance.

  • High Torque Mid Drive
  • Single speed, no transmission or clutch
  • Removable 60V 33ah Panasonic Battery
  • Custom Dashboard
  • USB charger
  • 110 pounds
  • 176 Panasonic 18650 cells – 60v 31.9ah
  • 2000 watt hour battery for gigantic range and power
  • Quality 10 amp 60V charger includer charges in 3 hours
  • Sand forged aluminum frame – lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with both standard and sport modes

Incredible battery

Sur-Ron e Luna dirt bikeOn any electric bike, you should take a good look at the battery since it is by far the most expensive part of the bike.  Lightweight power dense batteries are not cheap, and if they are cheap they are probably not safe or reliable. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60V 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. To give you an idea how much range to expect it has 4x the capacity as most of today’s production bikes.

Luna Cycle has battery experts that knows a good batteries. The battery consists of Panasonic PF cells in a well built case that slides in and out of bike, a microprocessor based battery management system and extra goodness.

Technical specifications

  • Lenght: 1870mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Height: 1040mm
  • Minimum ground distance: 270mm
  • Wheelbase: 1260mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Sur-Ron e Luna dirt bikeFront axle mass distribution: 24kg
  • Rear axle mass distribution: 26kg
  • Maximum load weight: 130kg
  • Tires and brakes
  • Tire specifications: (front): 70 / 100-19
  • Tire specifications: (rear): 70 / 100-19
  • Rim Type (front): 19×1.4
  • Rim Type (rear): 19×1.4
  • Brake type (front): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
  • Brake type (rear): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake

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