Sealence expands and announces a hiring plan

Sealence si espande e annuncia un piano di assunzione

Sealence continues to grow and now announces a new expansion plan with the hiring of over 30 people in the coming months.

Driven by the success of the DeepSpeed marine electric jet engine, Sealence’s announcement echoes a similar press release issued at the beginning of 2020, in the middle of the Covid era, which then led to the entry into the company of 26 resources over the next 14 months.

This time, the Deepspeed team plans to grow even more by reaching a 60 resource staff within 2021.

The profiles sought belong to different areas: R&D, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Product Certification, and the Production and Logistics department.

In a moment of great apprehension for the adverse effects of this health emergency on the world of work, the Sealence gives an umpteenth demonstration of strength and confidence in its country, working on a new investment plan that sees Italy as the center of its growth strategy.

Soon you can apply through the Linkedin page of the startup, where the new job descriptions will be published.

Source: Sealence

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