Peugeot eM02 PowerTube, the new electric mountain bike with in-frame battery

Peugeot eM02 Power Bike

The most important feature of the Peugeot eM02 PowerTube electrically assisted mountain bike is the battery incorporated into the frame.

Offering an elegant and modern design, their versatility is assured, with a powerful motor and full suspension (front fork and rear shock absorber options available, depending on the model).

Peugeot eM02 Power BikeThe entire range has been created around the new compact Bosch 500 Wh PowerTube battery.

Its in-frame position is optimal for the balance of the bike, which has a low centre of gravity. Battery removal by the top side of the down tube is easy while ensuring that it is shielded from projections. It has a range of up to 125 Km.

The Bosch Performance CX motor gives eM02 PowerTube bikes instant and maximum power from the first pedal-push. It makes light work of the steepest slopes and bumpiest terrain. Climbs are as much fun as the descents on these bikes.

The shock absorbers developed by RockShox (depending on model) make it easier to get over obstacles, with 160 mm of travel. The 27.5 inch wheels with wide tyres are effective on all terrain. The Shimano XT brakes (depending on model) ensure optimal safety.

The PEUGEOT eM02 PowerTube range

eM02 FS PowerTube means: e = electric, M = Mountain, 02 = mid range, FS = Full Suspension (depending on versions), PowerTube = in-frame batterery. The XT, GX, SLX and Deore variants correspond to the type of transmission, with 10 or 11 gears.

  • eM02 FS PowerTube XT 11. Performance and efficiency are the key words that define this electrically assisted, full-suspension mountain bike, aimed at the endurance segment. Its RockShox suspension with 160 mm of travel and the Shimano XT hydraulic brakes allow you to safely enjoy the most difficult routes. Shimano XT 11-gear transmission with a 46-tooth sprocket allows you to tackle any gradient. The frame geometry offers the perfect compromise between quick handling and stability. It looks exceptional, with its in-frame battery and vibrant yellow colour. Retail price: from €5,199 / Available in yellow (black trim).
  • Peugeot eM02 Power BikeeM02 FS PowerTube GX 11. This electrically-assisted, full-suspension bike is designed for mountain use. The RockShox high-performance suspension, with a 140 mm of travel, provides maximum versatility. The ‘dropper’ telescopic seat post helps you adopt the right position whether ascending or descending. Sram GX 11-gear transmission with 42-tooth sprocket allows you to tackle the steepest slopes. Its Sram Guide R 4-piston brakes give powerful braking and precise control on descents. Retail price: from €4,599 / Available in grey (red trim).
  • Peugeot eM02 Power BikeeM02 FS PowerTube SLX 11. This electrically assisted, full suspension mountain bike will suit the largest number of people. Its Suntour suspension with a 140 mm travel provides comfort and traction. The Shimano SLX 11-gear transmission with a 42-toothed sprocket allow you to tackle steepest slopes. Like all mountain bikes in the PowerTube range, it is equipped with a 500 Wh battery and a Bosch Performance CX motor. Retail price: from €4,199 / Available in black (red trim).
  • Peugeot eM02 Power BikeeM02 PowerTube Deore 10. This electrically assisted, multi-use mountain bike is perfect for discovering new routes. Its wide 27.5 inch tyres filter out vibrations, while the Shimano Deore 10-gear transmission with a 42-toothed sprocket allow you to tackle the steepest gradients. It has high-performance braking, with Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes (203 mm front disc). Retail price: from €3,199 / Available in grey (red trim).

All bikes in the Peugeot PowerTube range have been rigorously tested in the CYCLEUROPE laboratory in order to ensure impeccable quality.

You can see and/or download the technical data in the following link (PDF in English language)


They are available from Peugeot retailers and VELO & OXYGEN stores.

For your nearest store:

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