Peugeot EC01 Crossover: reinvention of urban e-bike

Peugeot EC01 Crossover: reinvenzione dell'e-bike urbana

Peugeot Cycles improves their e-Bikes range with the new EC01 Crossover bike, urban and versatile powered by Bosch Performance CX engine.

The e-bike combines a comfortable high driving position, a mixed “city” frame and wide tyres that allow for easy clearing of obstacles.

The 500 Wh capacity battery make it an ideal choice for city dwellers on their commuting journeys as well as on walks. The design is sleek and modern, with the battery built into the frame. Designed and assembled in France, the Peugeot eC01 PowerTube Crossover bike (e=electric C=City 01=High-end) is available from January 2021 at the price of €3,199 incl. VAT, from the website as well as from Velo & Oxygen shops.

Peugeot eC01 Crossover PowerTube: high performance and versatility

Peugeot EC01 Crossover: reinvenzione dell'e-bike urbanaThe Peugeot eC01 Crossover bike is equipped with the Bosch Performance CX engine. Its torque of 63 Nm combined with the 10 gears allow you to slip through traffic with agility as well as tackle hills.

The 500 Wh Bosch PowerTube boasts a range of up to 120 kilometres. Its 57 mm thick tyres are pavement-, pothole- and gravel-proof. It is fully equipped for travelling in all seasons: front and rear lights, mudguards, chain cover and “Racktime” luggage rack. The design of this new bike is modern and understated, with its in-frame battery and its dark brown metallic colour.

A new Crossover bike concept, designed and assembled in France

Designers from the Peugeot Design Lab studio in Vélizy (Yvelines) and ist manufacturer partner Cycleurope have come up with the Crossover concept. Dedicated to a hybrid city/all-terrain use, the Peugeot eC01 Crossover combines a mixed “city” frame with wide tyres. The architecture of the frame allows a “straight back” posture and a raised riding position that reassures cyclists. The wide tyres and cushioned front fork allow you to tackle rough roads during the week and trails at the weekend in “Pullman” comfort. The battery is located at the top of the frame, making it easy to remove, avoiding dirt and improving the bike’s balance.

The new Peugeot eC01 Crossover is assembled in France, in Romilly sur Seine (Aube). Marketed from January 2021, it will complete the range of Peugeot’s versatile e-Bikes (mountain bikes and trekking bikes) with integrated battery. It will be available in sizes S, M or L, at a price of €3,199 including VAT, on the website as well as in the Cycles Peugeot brand dealers‘ shops.

Source: Peugeot Cycles

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