Commercial partnership between Evoy and Brødrene Hukkelberg AS

Partnership commerciale tra Evoy e Brødrene Hukkelberg AS

New partnership between Evoy and Brødrene Hukkelberg AS to bring new advanced electric Hukkelberg Boats to commercial markets.

Both companies have worked on integrating Evoy Inboards systems to Hukkelberg Boats designs. A way for the brand to extend its existing offerings in electric boats, with advanced capacities. Evoy is offering the strongest inboard electric motor system of the market with a capacity of 400hp and 800hp at peak for boats up to 50ft!

Proposing advanced Electric Boats to the market

The unique Hurricane Inboard system from Evoy can be fitted to any kind of boat up to 50’ despite their range, power capacities, and setup. Allowing the end customer, looking for a more sustainable alternative, to choose the ship he likes best while maintaining both power and speed as desired.

Hukkelberg Boats offer a wide range of professional duty aluminum workboats, known for their excellent seakeeping properties and long lifetime. Modular and flexible design allows a high degree of customization, enabling Hukkelberg to tailor each boat to the requirements of demanding customers and end-users from all sectors.  The first models to feature fully electric propulsion will be based on the Flying Fish Z series. Now available as their E-Charge range, models from 8 to 12 m will include Evoy Hurricane Force Series Inboard systems.

With Evoy’s systems on board we are able to fulfill the requirement of our commercial customers in terms of providing cost-saving solutions without compromising power and speed, while also reducing carbon footprint and noise levels. We are very excited to have found a perfect partner in Evoy to position Hukkelberg Boats strategically in the rapidly growing electric vessel market and the shift towards clean energy at sea – Says Øyvind Sommer Hukkelberg from Hukkelberg boats.  

A Partnership, toward commercials markets

The growth of the electric boat market, expected to reach USD 15.6 billion by 2030* is directly driven by the high demand for electric and hybrid propulsion systems from commercial organizations, including cruise and tourism, ferries, cargo, container, defense, and public safety applications, among others.

The partnership of Hukkelberg Boats and Evoy goes perfectly in this trend, as the brand is addressing commercials segments as public safety with patrols, search and rescue ships, Fish farming, Tourism, dive support, etc. 

CCO Evoy AS, Per Arne Fagervoll Meek explain :

We are really pleased to be working with such an important partner as Hukkelberg Boats, offering a wide range of options for different segments. As we grow, our technology is also evolving and working with such agile partners allows us to propose advanced technology capacities. We are already working on several leads for these types of vessels and look forward to continue our cooperation with Hukkelberg Boats and share our combined offerings to our customer database.

To ensure the performance and make sure that the expected output is intact, Evoy keeps a strict line while selecting boatbuilders and partners. The company has thus far chosen some in Norway and others in selected countries around Europe that will soon become public.

Source : Evoy

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