Lunaz unveiled the first electric classic Bentley

Lunaz ha presentato la prima Bentley classica elettrica

Lunaz, the proprietary modular electric powertrain company to be applied to wider applications, added to portfolio the electric classic Bentley.

Lunaz UK EV manufacturing footprint increases 500% and company to double highly-skilled jobs in 2021 to 100, and announces that prices start at £350,000 excluding local taxes.

Restoration, re-engineering and electrification responds to the global requirement for a clean-air future. The Lunaz proprietary powertrain has been proven by furthering the legacies of the most significant cars in history. The time is now right to establish a significantly expanded presence to answer the global need for much wider conversion applications. Our commitment to the UK as a global centre of technical excellence in EV engineering is signalled with the commissioning of a permanent home for our rapidly growing business – said David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz

Start of production for world’s first electric Bentley

The Bentley Continental is the definitive British grand touring machine. Customers across the globe asked us to create the world’s first electric expressions of these iconic cars. The result marries the beauty and presence of these extraordinary cars with a proven answer to the key questions of reliability, usability and sustainability that surrounds classic car ownership. We are proud to further the legacy of the Bentley Continental with the start of full production from our significantly expanded UK manufacturing presence – declared David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz Design.

Lunaz ha presentato la prima Bentley classica elettricaFollowing overwhelming customer demand, Lunaz will commence full production of the world’s first electric Bentleys.

The most recently completed car is a 1961 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur by H.J Mulliner. It demonstrates the breadth of possibilities through collaboration between a Lunaz customer and the company’s design team, with the car presented in a contrasting yet harmonious two-tone exterior paint configuration.

The interior cabin delicately echoes the exterior aesthetic with leathers finished in a tone that matches the lustrous greens on the exterior and burr walnut hand-restored by Lunaz’ master craftspeople. The car subtly integrates modern conveniences derived from Lunaz’ re-engineering process. This includes the up-rating of suspension, brakes and the inclusion of power-steering and air-conditioning. An infotainment screen is subtly integrated to provide modern functionality like navigation and Apple CarPlay with no compromise to the authenticity of the classic design aesthetic.

The car will be used daily by one of the UK’s most eminent car collectors and includes the integration of child seats to the rear, finished in leather that matches the interior scheme.

Following private dialogue with its global customer base, Lunaz has been commissioned to restore, electrify and re-engineer some of the rarest coachbuilt examples in the breed’s history. This includes two highly coveted James Young Cars.

Lunaz will now permanently release production allocation for Bentley Continental S1, S2, S3 in two-door and four-door configuration. In addition to fixed-head cars, the company will also offer rare Continental Drophead Coupé examples.

Every classic electric Bentley by Lunaz will be subject to the same bare-metal restoration process that every Lunaz marque undergoes. Each will be offered with full modernisation through the firm’s re-engineering process before it is converted to the Lunaz proprietary electric powertrain.

These cars will be offered in strictly limited production allocations with deliveries already in progress.  Prices for original factory steel-body cars start at £350,000 excluding local taxes.

Source: Lunaz

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