Unveiled Leopard, the autonomous concept vehicle based on REE’s modular EV platform

Svelato Leopard, il concept di veicolo autonomo basato sulla piattaforma modulare EV di REE

REE Automotive unveiled Leopard, the autonomous concept vehicle based on new modular EV platform design that will be showcased at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The full-scale concept is geared for customers including last-mile autonomous and electric delivery companies, delivery fleet operators, e-retailers and technology companies seeking to build fully autonomous solutions.

Fully-autonomous delivery fleets ‘Powered by REE’ will allow customers to build autonomous and electric vehicle fleets according to their exact specifications with unmatched interior space for transporting passengers and cargo. REE’s technology will be seamlessly integrated with any top hat and autonomous hardware.

Svelato Leopard, il concept di veicolo autonomo basato sulla piattaforma modulare EV di REELeopard’s design and specifications are the result of collaborative work with leading global delivery and technology companies focused on autonomous delivery and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) fleets. The concept vehicle is 3.4 m in length with front-wheel-steer, rear-wheel-drive and has a 2-tonne gross vehicle weight rating and the following additional specifications:

  • X-by-wire REEcorner technology for drive, steer and brake control
  • Narrow design of 1.4 m (4.6 ft) and small footprint of 2.5 m2 (26.6 ft2) for enhanced maneuverability
  • Easy cargo accessibility
  • 50 kWh battery capacity
  • Top speed of 60 mph
  • Cargo volume of 180 ft3

Leopard – a last mile autonomous concept vehicle – is designed to carry significantly more cargo due to REE’s low, flat floor. This means improved environmental impact of fewer trips in fewer vehicles, backed by a strong cost of ownership (TCO) structure: each vehicle in the fleet will be less expensive to run and maintain due to reduced energy cost and improved serviceability, leading to lower maintenance costs.

The Leopard concept vehicle is based on REE’s modular EV platform, designed to support a wide variety of mission specific vehicles with the following range of specifications:

Specification Value
GVWR Up to 2 Tonnes
Drive RWD, FWD or AWD
Steer FWS or AWS
Length 9.5 ft to11.5 ft
(2.9 m to 3.5 m)
Width 3.9 ft to 5.9 ft
(1.2 m to 1.8 m)
Height 4.6 ft to 7.2 ft
(1.4m to 2.2 m)
Battery Capacity Up to 60 kWh
Peak Motor Power Up to 100 kW
Max Speed Up to 100 mph
(160 kph)
Turning Radius Minimum 12.8 ft
(3.9 m)
Max Payload Up to 1,650 lbs
(750 kg)
Load Floor height Minimum 15 in
(39 cm)
Cargo volume Up to 265 ft3
(7.5 m3)

Source: REE Automotive

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