Petit Forestier Group will build 1.000 Volta Zero refrigerated vehicles

Il Gruppo Petit Forestier costruirà 1.000 veicoli Volta Zero refrigerati

Petit Forestier Group, signed a strategic partnership with Volta Trucks to develop a refrigerated full-electric commercial vehicle.

The strategic partnership between Petit Forestier and Volta Trucks to also focus on skills development, technical collaboration, and customer support.

The first full-electric refrigerated vehicles to be user tested in 2021 ahead of the start of production in 2022.

Volta Trucks and the Petit Forestier Group, the European leader in refrigeration rentals, have joined forces to make a refrigerated 100% electric commercial vehicle available for rental from 2022. At the heart of the long-term partnership is the Volta Zero, the first 16- tonne zero-emission commercial vehicle designed for urban deliveries and operations. The Petit Forestier Group has agreed to purchase 1,000 Volta Zeros to accelerate its transition towards cleaner energies and represents Volta Trucks’ largest sale to date.

The refrigerated full-electric Volta Zero trucks will join the Petit Forestier Group’s fleet of over 58,500 vehicles and will be equipped by Lecapitaine, the Petit Forestier Group’s industrial subsidiary, and the European leader for the design and manufacture of refrigerated bodywork. The Lecapitaine design office have already started collaborating with the Volta Trucks’ technical teams to ensure the comprehensive integration of the box body and the refrigeration unit, with the first refrigerated Volta Zero is due for user testing in 2021 ahead of the start of production in 2022. This industrial agreement will also cover all refrigerated vehicles sold by Volta Trucks.

In addition to the acquisition of 1,000 vehicles, the strategic partnership also focuses on the codevelopment of skills, in particular technical expertise in the maintenance of electric vehicles, to offer a full-service solution to end customers and facilitate and simplify the operational deployment of these innovative trucks in the Petit Forestier Group’s 280 branches.

Fonte: Petit Forestirer Group

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