Gardasolar increases the network and brings GoGo in the world

Gardasolar dealers

The Gardasolar startup based in Rovereto, (Trentino, Northern Italy), increased its network in 2018 with the new dealers who have joined the international list that sale GoGo and other company products.

In Europe, new dealers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal

Gardasolar dealers

GoGo likes. This is a fact. And those who tried the GoGo electric boat and understood the company’s philosophy did not hesitate to invest in a collaboration with the company from Trento, which in 2018 increased the list of those who sell their products with important companies of the sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.

The German company ELNA ( based in Tangstedt, near Hamburg, was founded in 1952 and works in the field of supply of equipment and services for communication, security and electrical components for customers operating on sea, land and air.

This year also the agreement with the Swiss partner Grove Boats ( based in Yvonand, near Neuchatel, which showed the great interest in the Italian boat bringing it to the Lucerne Transport Museum.

Gardasolar dealers

The partnership in Austria was signed with Pehn Bootsbau (, founded in 1957 by Walter Pehn Senior who has since built boats equipped with electric powertrains with a very simple objective as stated: “Navigate as much time as possible with the lowest possible energy consumption”. With this premise, the agreement with Gardasolar was reached almost naturally, considering that the goal of both companies coincided in all aspects.

In addition to building and marketing boats, the Austrian company has a rental and repair service in St. Georgen near Attersee, not far away from Salzburg.

In 2018, Gardasolar started the collaboration with the Portuguese company Angelpilot ( based in Portimao, which through Portinauta ( markets and hires GoGo, so wonderful opportunity for those who will go to Portugal to take holidays and want to enjoy a moment of absolute relax at a reasonable cost.

This collaboration began a few years ago, when the two companies met at the Dusseldorf Show and after seeing the boat and evaluating the investment, it was the Portuguese company that took the first step for this Italian-Portuguese collaboration. .

Thailand is added to the world

Gardasolar dealersFrom the fascination of Molveno Lake, where tests were carried out on the new GoGo versions, Alberto Pozzo and Alessio Zanolli, the Gardasolar managers, flew to Thailand to sign the agreement with OMC Business Consulting Co., Ltd. ( that will be the company in charge of bringing the products from Trentino to the country, thus adding to the expansion that Gardasolar foresees.

Investing in healthy innovation

Isn’t new to say that skepticism is difficult to beat, but it is equally true to observe how companies are attentive to the innovations offered by the market and especially when they are in harmony with the protection of the environment and don’t go against the business system.

Gardasolar dealersAll these companies that have signed partnership agreements with Gardasolar are leading companies that are committed to offering innovative and unique products like the Gardasolar GoGo.

The best way to understand our philosophy – says Alberto Pozzo – is to get on the boat for a test and surf for a few minutes. The sensations and the feeling of this type of navigation is unique and difficult to explain but in many cases it was enough to live the experience to convince without so many words of the goodness of the product.

Companies attentive to innovations will certainly pay attention to evaluate this investment, and many will be convinced by themselves … with a few minutes of navigation …

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