Evoy Boating launchs the new marine electric motor Breeze

Evoy Boating lancia il nuovo motore elettrico marino BreezeEvoy Boating lancia il nuovo motore elettrico marino Breeze

A new 120hp engine named Breeze has been introduced by Evoy, for inboard and outboard motorboats, with up to 185 hp in peak performance.

This engine can be able to power everything, from small fast boats with outboard, sterndrive, waterjet or shaft, and larger slow moving displacement boats and sailing yachts.

Breeze is built around their 400 Volt technology and delivered as Plug-and-play from Evoy.

Incredibly silent, of course, and with torque unparalleled for this motor size, the inboard weighs just 90 kg while the outboard is 190 kg.

Leif Stavøstrand, Founder and CEO, adds:

The release of the Breeze is a very important milestone for us, addressing a major void in the electric propulsion market. Since the beginning of Evoy there has been a big ask for this size, so we are really excited to have it available. Since it fits in both smaller planing hull boats and also larger displacement boats, this is a true gamechanger, where we allow a whole new segment of boaters to go fossil fuel free and enjoy the silence of irresistible boating. 

Due to strong demand the outboard Breeze is already pre ordered and sold out through the summer season. The inboard Breeze 120 hp will be available to the market in pilot version in Q3-22.

The introduction of the Breeze has a nice knock on effect to the Evoy product line.

Today´s 150 hp Gale will now be increased to 200hp where the  inboard 200 hp will be available in 2023 and the outboard in 2024.

From a proud CTO, Marius Dyrseth:

Evoy´s ambitious plan to make high performance electric boat systems available for everyone, from 120 to 400 hp, has become reality. Both the Hurricane and now the Breeze are ready for an eager market. This is nothing less than a revolution and a paradigm shift in the electric boating experience.  I applaud the incredible Evoy team!

In addititon to the Breeze and Gale with 400 Volt,  Evoy is the only provider of a 800-volt system in the eboating industry, supporting the current available Hurricane 400+ hp and the future Storm 300 hp.

Source: Evoy

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