Available for sale on line the Peugeot electric assisted bikes

e-bikes di Peugeot Cycles

Peugeot e-Bikes for the city and trekking in stock are available for sale online at cycles.peugeot.fr and from the Peugeot Cycles dealers.

Peugeot is responding to the enthusiasm of cyclists for e-Bikes, a real alternative to public transport in the spring of 2020. Their success should accelerate with the tax incentives granted in France (up to 500 euros). Peugeot bikes are designed in France by Peugeot Design Lab and assembled at the Cycleurope factory in Romilly sur Seine (France, Aube). With its range of e-Bikes, Peugeot provides a global 360° electrified mobility offer.

Peugeot e-Bikes in stock, available immediately

e-bikes di Peugeot CyclesThe Peugeot eLC01, an urban and compact e-Bike, combines its iconic Neo- Retro style with modernity. Its 400 Wh battery provides a range up to 70 kilometres.

The Peugeot eC02 is the ideal e-Bike for the City. Its 300 Wh battery, provides a range up to 80 kilometres (up to 110 kms with a 400 Wh battery).

The Peugeot eT01 D8 and eT01 Sport are versatile trekking e-Bikes, available with a sporty or a mixt frame. Their 400 Wh Battery ensures a range up to 110 kilometres.

The Peugeot eT01 FS PowerTube embeds an in-frame battery, featuring a sleek design. Its rear and front shock absorbers are ideal for both street and trail. Its 500 Wh battery provides an range up to 130 kilometres.

A range of Peugeot e-Bikes for every purpose

Every bicycle, electrically assisted or not, is adapted to its use: street, track, all terrain, road or junior The name of each bike refers to its universe and its range level.

The Peugeot bicycles, available for sale on line

e-bikes di Peugeot CyclesOn the website: cycles.peugeot.fr, the future buyer can check the availability of models of the entire range and order them on line* from the comfort of her/his home. All she/he has to do is choose the size of the frame (S, M, L or XL), the colour of the bike and size of the battery (depending on the model). Free delivery is proposed in metropolitan France. The delivery can also be made at the point of sale closest to the buyer home. Assembly, preparation, adjustment and handover of the bike will be handled by an accredited advisor.

The Peugeot e-Bikes: designed and assembled in France

The distinctive design of the Peugeot bikes is signed by Peugeot Design Lab, the global brand design studio. The majority of the Peugeot bikes are assembled in France at the Cycleurope factory, in Romilly sur Seine (Aube). Peugeot Cycles bikes feature mature technology, with a more than 130-year expertise. The Peugeot range of e-Bikes was launched in 2009. The quality of the components of the Peugeot e-Bikes is part of their move upmarket. Bosch provides most of their engines and batteries.

Peugeot : a “360°” comprehensive offering for electric mobility

e-bikes di Peugeot CyclesPeugeot is the only brand in the world that markets a comprehensive range of sustainable mobility vehicles: personal cars, light commercial vehicles, scooters and e-Bikes. The new electrified models of Peugeot meet every segment. The full electric offer includes the urban New Peugeot e-208, elected Car of the Year 2020, the compact SUV New Peugeot 2008, and the LCVs e-Expert (recently released) and e-Boxer.  Plug-In hybrid powertrains are available for the SUV Peugeot 3008 as well as for the Peugeot 508 sedan and SW. The full electric e-Ludix scooter eases the mobility in conurbations. The range of Peugeot e-Bikes completes the Peugeot „360°“ global electrified offer.

Peugeot Cycles in line with the success of e-Bikes

Since May 2020, e-Bikes are more than ever the alternative to public transport. They contribute to health safety by allowing social distances to be respected, avoid congestion in cities, improve air quality and allow people to be physically active. The new post-lockdown cycle paths that have been set up in conurbations increase the safety of cyclists. Very economical (less than 10 cents per battery charge), the electric-assisted bicycle makes journeys easier. No more traffic jams or parking constraints, the assistance makes it possible to arrive at the office fresh and available, whatever the relief.

Regional (up to 500 euros), city or state subsidies will boost the e-Bikes market in France, which stands for 380,000 units in 2019 (+12% vs. 2018) out of a total of 2,650,000 bikes (source: Observatoire du cycle 2020).

Source: Peugeot Cycles

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