Coca Cola transported in Mexico with BYD electric trucks

Coca Cola trasportata in Messico con i camion elettrici BYD

BYD Mexico teamed up with FEMSA and Coca-Cola FEMSA to unveil an electric truck customized for the beverage industry.

This electric cargo truck was designed with the specific needs of Coca-Cola FEMSA in Mexico. Its sturdy frame can carry up to 14 pallets, meeting both the bottling company’s and Coca-Cola’s safety standards. Its quick-charging battery can power up in just 1.5 to 2 hours, and the truck offers flexibility with configurations of 8, 10, or 12 pallets.

This truck aligns perfectly with FEMSA’s sustainability goals, as they strive to integrate renewable energy into their operations and transition all business functions to sustainable energy solutions, all while complying with current regulations and actively combating climate change.

Coca Cola trasportata in Messico con i camion elettrici BYDCoca-Cola FEMSA is committed to a focused agenda: transitioning a significant portion of its fleet from fossil fuels to electric and striving for a 50% reduction in pollutant gas emissions by 2030. These ambitions will be supported by eco-friendly initiatives such as using natural gas in boilers, promoting electric vehicles, and optimizing refrigerant gas management.

Starting in October 2023, these electric cargo trucks will go through a six to eight-month testing phase. They’ll drive all over Mexico City, following the criteria set by Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Transportation Committee. This is crucial for gathering nuanced insights into the operational efficiency, performance, technological facets, infrastructure costs, and other integral aspects of these electric vehicles.

BYD Mexico and Coca-Cola FEMSA teamed up in March 2021 with a mission: to create electric cargo trucks designed specifically to meet the beverage giant’s distribution needs. Currently, Coca-Cola FEMSA has 26 BYD electric vehicles in Mexico, including forklifts, vans, and light trucks.

In addition to working with Coca-Cola FEMSA on electric trucks, BYD Mexico has also supplied pure electric commercial vehicles to Grupo Modelo, a major beer production and distribution company in Mexico, including Corona.

Source: BYD

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