BYD delivery eBus fleet to BOGESTRA and HCR in Germany

BYD 12m eBus Delivery to BOGESTRA
BYD 12m eBus Delivery to BOGESTRA

German Public Transport Operators BOGESTRA and HCR have taken delivery of the first vehicle in a joint fleet order for 22 eBuses from BYD.

Despite the recent COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, deliveries remain on schedule to complete in October 2020.

BYD 12m eBus Delivery to BOGESTRA
From left to right: Frank Baranowski ,Mayor of Gelsenkirchen; Jörg Filter, BOGESTRA’s CEO; Patrick Oosterveld, Bus Deputy Sales Director at BYD Europe

BOGESTRA (Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen) and HCR (Straßenbahn Herne-Castrop-Rauxel), are two of Germany’s leading Public Transport Operators (PTOs).

Germany’s first ever BYD eBus has been presented in Gelsenkirchen to the Mayor of the city, Frank Baranowski, with a subsequent handover to the city Mayor of Bochum, Thomas Eiskirch. BOGESTRA’s CEO, Jörg Filter also been in attendance alongside BYD Europe Bus Deputy Sales Director, Patrick Oosterveld.

The new pure-electric, emissions-free 12-metre BYD eBus fleet will go into service in the Germany state of North Rhine-Westphalia, on route 380 in Gelsenkirchen and route 354 in Bochum. BYD’s 12-metre single-deck eBus delivers a total carrying capacity of 80 passengers and boasts a single charge range of over 200km.

Source: BYD Europe

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