Innovative technologies and elegant desing in the BMW Bike Generation IV

BMW Bike Generation IV

The new generation IV of BMW bikes gives to the customers sports performance and they are also focused in electric mobility future.

BMW Bike Generation IVThe line of BMW hybrid e-bikes have their collective finger on the pulse. For example, the BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike can rack up big mileages on a single charge, thanks to its Brose Drive S Alu motor and 600 Wh lithium-ion battery. And the BMW Urban Active Bike is perfect for the daily ride to work with its slender frame design and barely visible battery.

BMW therefore offers the right e-bike for every purpose, whether a performance-oriented or more comfort-based form of riding pleasure is required.

Flexibility is the name of the game with the BMW Folding Bike, which can be stowed away in extremely small spaces thanks to a nifty folding mechanism. BMW has also teamed up with Micro Mobility Systems to offer a selection of practical mobility solutions for everyday use and commuting. The BMW City Scooter has an inherently space-saving design and the BMW E-Scooter available from September 2019 adds extra vim with its integral battery.

The BMW bikes are available at selected BMW dealers. The BMW E-Scooter will be available from September 2019.

Manufacturer’s recommended retail prices:

BMW Bikes

BMW Bike Generation IVBMW Cruise Bike – €1,100.00

BMW M Bike – €1,500.00

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike – €3,500.00

BMW Urban Hybrid E-Bike – €2,500.00

BMW Folding Bike – €750.00

BMW City Scooter – €200.00

BMW E-Scooter – €799.00

BMW Kids Bike – €295.00

BMW Junior Cruiser Bike – €475.00

Source: BMW

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