Volvo Buses deliver 49 ebuses to Jönköping

Volvo electric bus Malmo

Vy Buss AB ordered 49 high-capacity Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated buses to put in service at Jönköping and Volvo delivered it last days.

The new buses, which are scheduled to enter operation in Jönköping, in summer 2021, are part of the city’s next-generation investment in public transport.

Jönköping in Sweden is growing and developing its public transport system to meet the future. As part of this programme, several bus routes in the city area will be electrified next year.

The 49 electric buses are of the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated model and they can carry up to 120 passengers. With increased departure frequency the new buses will be part of a system designed to enhance passenger capacity and make the entire travel experience easier for passengers. The high-capacity buses are designed to combine swift and efficient passenger flow with enhanced comfort and convenience. They are also prepared for deployment of automatic speed regulation within specified geographic areas, so called Zone Management. This is an important feature for buses operating close to schools, hospitals and other facilities where many unprotected road users move around.

Volvo Buses and Vy Buss have undertaken route analyses and calculation that form the foundation for optimisation of the buses’ battery capacity.

Source: Volvo Buses

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