History. Drive school in ice with electric cars in Val d’Allos

Storia scuola ghiaccio Val d'Allos

From the 1st number of Electric Motor News of January 2000, interesting news reports an ice driving school with electric cars in the Allos Valley.

Here is the article published twenty years ago …

In winter with electric vehicles

From Electric Motor News n° 1 – January 2000

For the first time in Europe, the Val d’Allos driving school on ice, known for its seriousness and acknowledged in the automotive world, will offer the possibility to try driving electric vehicles, that are already in use by different municipalities and utilities.

The EDF and French manufacturers are heavily involved in this program that will allow them to confirm the quality of this type of pollution free vehicles and therefore the advantages of not only using it in the city but also in small towns.

The electric vehicles activity will be development between December 15 and March 15, in Val d’Allos, where for more than 12 years there has been an operational ice circuit.

Conscious of the environment this goodwill started last year and it well present it as the first “ecologically adequate” circuit.

The service is a result of a partnership between EDF (installation of 5 charging-stations) and French manufacturers with 5 electric vehicles (2 Peugeot 106, 2 Peugeot Partner and 1 Renault Clio) that have been made available to the public for free trial on the circuit and around the school of which at the same time they use and electric Peugeot 106 with their own colours.

In front of the public’s enthusiasm, the Val d’Allos executives have also invested in electric energy in the utilities vehicles such as the minibus and electric snowboard.

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