New era for ROKiT Venturi Racing

Nuova era per ROKiT Venturi Racing

Formula E team ROKiT Venturi Racing with headquarters in Monaco, has been purchased by an investor group, led by Scott Swid and José M Aznar Botella, Former President of the Government of Spain.

Team Principal Susie Wolff and Founder Gildo Pastor retain the interest.

The new ownership structure and investment underscore the continued positive momentum of the team since Wolff took over the helm in June 2018 and signifies the start of a compelling new era for the team.

Susie Wolff will continue in her current role as Team Principal, working alongside recently appointed Deputy Team Principal Jérôme d’Ambrosio.

With decades of global investment experience, Scott and José will reunite on this endeavour to bring a fresh perspective to the Monegasque marque.

Nuova era per ROKiT Venturi RacingThe new structure represents a significant step forward for the team, which will continue to race under the Venturi name and will remain headquartered in Monaco.

Gildo Pastor, President, Venturi

Two and a half years ago, I put my absolute faith in Susie, her vision for the team, and her undisputed tenacity to bring that vision to life. We have met so many milestones along our journey so far, including our first race victory, our first title partnership with ROKiT and the addition of our powertrain partnership with Mercedes-Benz in a strategic response to the rapid evolution of the championship. Now we have a new and forward-thinking investor group, led by Scott and José, who see and feel the potential in the series and team as I do.

As the focus of my attention moves away from the racetrack to the proving ground where we continue to raise the bar with record breaking electromobility, and to the sky with our equally pioneering space endeavours, I know that the team is in very safe hands.

Susie Wolff, Team Principal & Managing Partner, ROKiT Venturi Racing

We move forward into our next chapter as a team under the new ownership led by Jose and Scott and I am pleased to become a Managing Partner alongside my role as Team Principal. The investment experience of Scott and Jose will strengthen the team‘s capabilities and provide us with interesting new perspectives and opportunities for the future. This move also demonstrates the positive role that the forthcoming cost cap has to play in the commercial viability and therefore appeal of the sport to investors and partners. I want to also take this opportunity to thank Gildo for his trust and unwavering support. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a visionary and have no doubt that Gildo will continue to push the boundaries of sustainable mobility far beyond what many dare to deem possible.

Scott Swid, Chairman & Managing Partner, ROKiT Venturi Racing

Initially, we were looking at Formula 1 from an investment perspective – but understandably José is a big believer in the potential of Formula E and introduced me to Susie. From our first meeting, I could see the unique business case the sport and the team present. Investing in Venturi, with its heritage as an original team guided by the visionary Gildo Pastor, and competing in an exciting sport that promotes global sustainability and pioneering electric mobility is a great opportunity. Every forward-thinking corporate board in the world is cognisant of the importance of sustainability and is looking for ways to invest in its future. Formula E is in its intermediate stage, having successfully overcome the hurdles of its early period. With this strong foundation, it is a great time to invest when the championship is established and there is still so much growth to come.

José M. Aznar, Managing Partner, ROKiT Venturi Racing

I’ve had a unique perspective on Formula E since its inception and I was captivated by the vision to promote a more sustainable future through electric racing from the outset. My first real experience of Formula E was at the finale of the inaugural season in Battersea Park back in 2015 and I could feel the appeal immediately. Even back then, I had the feeling that this was something incredibly special that had the potential to be unstoppable – and I was right. What Alejandro and his team have done has fundamentally changed the way that people think about electric mobility. Gildo was right at the forefront from the beginning and his intuition to bring Susie to the team was spot on. We are investing at a critical time in Formula E’s short history and, whilst there is so much potential for further development and commercial expansion, one of the priorities must be an improved partnership between the sport and the teams. Collaborating with Susie and Scott, my longtime friend and mentor, is a great joy for me personally and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

Source: ROKiT Venturi Racing

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