McLaren Applied joins E1 for telemetry and data viewing software

McLaren Applied inisieme a E1 per il software di telemetria e visualizzazione dei dati

McLaren Applied willl be the E1 championship’s Official Data Viewing Software Supplier data analysis tools to view and analyse live and recorded data from the RaceBird boats.

The data analysis tools – which include ATLAS, System Monitor, and McLaren Control Toolbox – supplied by McLaren Applied will allow the engineers from E1 and SeaBird Technologies to view and analyse live and recorded data from the raceboats.

The data viewing software from McLaren Applied will also be made available to all the teams competing in the championship.

The E1 teams will use the data viewing software at test sessions and race events to analyse the performance of the RaceBird boat. The software will be used alongside a configuration tool which allows teams to alter the set-up of the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) also supplied by McLaren Applied, giving teams influence over elements of the boat control, such as throttle mapping.

McLaren Applied has driven innovation in Formula 1 and global top-level motorsport series for over three decades, which has led to engineering solutions being adapted and deployed across other industries, including automotive and transport.

The partnership with E1 will see McLaren Applied expand its portfolio into the marine sector as Official Data Viewing Software Supplier for the championship.

Source: E1

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