Formula E. New sporting regulations for the Gen3 era

Formula E. Nuovi regolamenti sportivi per l'era Gen3

Formula E and the FIA announced a series of updates to the sporting regulations for Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship following approval by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

Since the season 9th, the races will be by laps instead of a set time, there will be an innovative fast-charging tech delivering energy boost during 30-second ‘Attack Charge’ stop in-race to be trialled at select races later in the season and top power output increased to 350kW in Attack Mode.

Laps replace time

Races will run over laps instead of a set time period. To maintain consistency with the switch to laps, Safety Car and Full Course Yellow interruptions to racing will now be compensated by added laps, replacing the additional racing time feature.

Attack Charge will be introduced at select races later in Season 9

Formula E. Nuovi regolamenti sportivi per l'era Gen3Formula E and the FIA have been working with strategic technology partners to develop pioneering battery and charging capabilities that will allow the new smaller, faster and lighter Gen3 cars to receive a boost of energy during the race.

This collaboration has resulted in the development of a battery capable of receiving 4kWh of energy inside 30 seconds – the most advanced EV battery in the world today – delivered by a 600kW booster.

A mandatory 30-second Attack Charge stop during a pre-determined period in the race will unlock two enhanced Attack Mode periods to be deployed later in the race where the power output of the Gen3 race cars will increase from 300kW to 350kW.

Attack Charge is set to be trialled at select races later in Season 9. The existing Attack Mode format of a temporary power boost activated by drivers during the race will be maintained in races where Attack Charge is not implemented. Fanboost has been discontinued and will not feature in Season 9.

Rookie drivers given platform to impress

Every team must complete at least two Free Practice 1 sessions during the season with a driver who has never previously competed in the championship. The goal is to give up-and-coming drivers the chance to experience the unique qualities of Formula E racing and to contribute to the progress of the team.

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