More details about Hankook Formula E tires

Maggiori dettagli riguardo gli pneumatici Hankook di Formula E

Mike Choi, the Hankook tire engineer for Formula E, explained some special details about the tires construction and compounds to Electric Motor News.

The tires used in the electric single-seater category are equipped with two types of composites which cover 60% and 40% of the tread.

These two composites are divided into Hydrophobic (60%) and Hydrophilic (40%).

The former has chemical characteristics similar to those of oil, so is a composite that does not mix with water, and which is present on the external part of the tire surface.

On the inside part of the tire, on the other hand, for grip issues there is the Hydrophilic composite which is “water friendly”. Obviously the design of the tire was also studied in function of the composites.

When asked how long it takes to develop a new tire, the answer was that it depends on what you want to do and the technical specifications in the protocol.

We also spoke to Mike Choi about the drivers’ complaints that they are too hard and the engineer replied that it was due to the specifications desired by the FIA, considering that the tires must be built with recyclable materials and as usual for everything you always have to arrive at a compromise.

Will there be other tires for next season? – we asked:

At the moment, no one has asked us about this… we’ll see what happens during the season… it can’t be ruled out, but it’s not even said that these tires will be changed, in any case, we’re very ready.

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